Personal Information

Welcome to my personal info page.

Work: Medical Research: Since 1997, I have been a data manager and computer programmer in the area of medical research. Go to this page to learn more about my work.

Travel: My wife, Michelle, and I try to travel as much as we are able. We've traveled in 47 U.S. states, 10 other countries, and lived in 6 states. This page has photographs, travel stories, and other travel-related information.

Theater: An ersthwile hobby of mine is acting and singing. I don't have time to do theater often, but every couple of years I seem to find the time to do a little acting or backstage work. This page has show photos and my theater resume.

Birds & Wildlife: We live in rural Indiana, and have lots of birds and wildlife in our backyard. There are some pictures and more information on this page.

Cooking: Everyone needs to be well-rounded, right? Go here to pick up a few vegan recipes I've invented.




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