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Europe 2006: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia: [ Link to Flickr photoset ]

In 2006, Michelle and I spent 3 weeks travelling in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Some of the photos from the trip are on my Flickr site.

Pictures from Africa: [ Link to Flickr photoset ]

From 1995-1996, my wife and I lived in Kenya, where we taught sociology at the University of Nairobi through the Teachers for Africa program. During that time, we traveled extensively, going up-country frequently with friends. A great source of travel companions was the Kenya Museum Society, which organized trips, offered the "Know Kenya Course", and organized the popular and highly entertaining Wednesday morning birdwalks, which we tried never to miss if at all possible. Should you find yourself in Nairobi on a Wednesday morning, you should not miss these walks, which allowed us to see not only all sorts of amazing birds, but also gave us free access to many unique spots in Kenya that are otherwise off-limits to tourists, and were (and hopefully still are) led by the incomparable Fleur Ngweno, the most knowledgeable, entertaining, enthusiastic, and friendly birder you could ever hope to meet.


Still to come: Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, England, Wales, Ireland, etc...); Midwestern Caves; American Southwest; Others








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