Work: Medical Research

Work: Medical Research: Since 1997, I have been a data manager and computer programmer in the area of medical research.

I work at the Institute of Psychiatric Research, which is part of the Indiana University School of Medicine, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Institute, known locally as IPR, is active in researching the genetic basis for a number of psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder, alcoholism, autism, and other disorders.

My job is multi-faceted: I am the national data coordinator for the 11-university Bipolar Genomics Collaboration, as well as for the 4-university High Risk Adolescent Offspring of Bipolar study. For these studies, I provide data management and programming. The Digger, an Access expert-system database that I wrote, has been adopted by multiple universities both within and outside our collaborations (available for download here). I have also programmed a computerized version of the K-SADS interview using MiForms tablet PC software and .NET that allows direct field entry of this diagnostic survey.

I also do data analysis (using SAS), and am an expert SAS programmer.


Bipolar National Collaboration:
Bipolar Local Study:
Bipolar Research Tools:
High Risk Adolescent Bipolar Study:
Genetics of Alcoholism Study:

Work contact info:

Inst of Psychiatric Research
791 Union Drive
Indianapolis, IN 47460

Direct phone: 317-274-4434
Main phone: 317-274-1362
Fax: 317-274-1365




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