You Can't Take it With You

Saturday, July 15th, 2000

Review by Molly Lenarduzzi

Boris Kolenkhov (Brian Moell) hoists Mr. Kirby (Keith Bodnarick)


The large cast of the Putnam County Playhouse's production of You Can't Take it With You transports the audience to New York City's Summer of 1938. The play gives us a peek into the home of an offbeat family and chronicles their happy existence free from such "evils" as 9 to 5 schedules and paying taxes.

Director Jack Randall Earles has assembled a cast of PCP veterans and newcomers for the production. Giving especially fine performances were: Jim Rambo as Grandpa, AKA Martin Vanderhoff, the tell-it-like-it-is patriarch of the household, who is both humorous and insightful. Beth Girton as the play writing Penelope Sycamore, Sherry Hedge as the balleting Essie Carmichael, Aaron Rambo as the xylophoning Ed Carmichael and Eric Meyer as the firework making Paul Sycamore were all outstanding in their roles and brought much comedic talent to the production.

Also worthy of very honorable mentions were Brian Moell as the Russian ballet instructor Boris Kolenkhov, Katie Wallace as the maid Rheba and Mike Mitchell as her boyfriend Donald, the young lovebirds Alice Sycamore and Tony Kirby by Lanie Wieland and Billy Perkins, the long-time house guest Mr. DePinna played by Sid Tongret, and the Kirby's, Wall Street tycoon and his wife, played by Keith Bodnarick and Jennifer Cox.

There were many other highlights to this talented cast. The set and costumes for You Can't Take it With You were nicely done. They transported the audience directly back to the late 1930's with period decor, dress and furnishings.

PCP's production of You Can't Take it With You is a very enjoyable night of theatre, especially for anyone who has ever dared to dream of a life where one is allowed to do only that which brings happiness. What good is the rest of it? You can't take it with you!


You Can't Take it With You continues on July 19th and concludes on July 22nd


Cast Members: Beth Girton, Sherry Hedge, Katie Wallace, Eric Meyer, Sid Tongret, Aaron Rambo, Mike Mitchell, Jim Rambo, Lanie Wieland, Linda N. Miller, Billy Perkins, Brian Moell, Jan Ford, Keith Bodnarick, Jennifer Cox, David Brownfield, Ryan Graves, Richard Guercio, Karen Temple.


Staff Members: Director-Jack Randall Earles, Assistant Director-Michelle Osborne, Stage Manager-David Brownfield, Light Operator-Michelle Osborne, Set Design-Linda Gjesvold, Set Building/Painting-Linda Gjesvold, Keith Bodnarick, Bob Hedge, Brian Moell, Ryan Graves, Costume Assistants-Jan Ford, Karen Temple.