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Microeconomist at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

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Some Useful Tools & Resources

ShareLaTeX - A complete online LaTeX environment that allows you to edit, compile, and view LaTeX documents (complete with supporting files such as figures and BibTeX databases) through a web browser. Also allows real-time collaboration on LaTeX documents. The underlying software is open source, so you can also host it on your own server.

QTikZ/KtikZ - A simple application that compiles a preview of entered PGF TikZ code in real time. This is a very useful tool for putting together attractive figures using TikZ and PGF Plots.

Sciencesoft LaTeX Flash Application - A web-based flash applet that allows you to enter LaTeX code and compile it to a PDF remotely on their server. I find this a quick an easy way to create vector LaTeX equations for inclusion in figures drawn in Adobe

LaTeX Word Counter - A web-based and downloadable tool for counting the number of words in a LaTeX document. The downloadable version can also count words in the bibliography.

LaTeX Font Catalog - Find a new font for your LaTeX document. I am a particular fan of \usepackage{fouriernc}, which puts a nice, dense chunk of black on the page.

Mendeley - A database system for tracking academic papers and exporting them for bibliographic citation.

TeX Stack Exchange - The best place to get help with the most difficult of LaTeX problems you encounter.