Greg Taylor
Microeconomist at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Research Papers & Publications

Links followed by pdf are direct links to ungated PDF manuscripts that may differ from published versions in formatting and typesetting but contain substantively the same research. Links with a paywall icon point to published versions behind a paywall.

Working Papers & Work in Progress

"A Model of Biased Intermediation", with Alexandre de Cornière
Working Paper, Revise & Resubmit (2016; first version 2014).
[working paper]
"Upstream Bundling and Leverage of Market Power", with Alexandre de Cornière
Working Paper (2018; first version 2017).
[working paper]
"Competing Sales Channels", with David Ronayne
Working Paper (2018).
[working paper]

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

"Raising Search Costs To Deter Window Shopping Can Increase Profits and Welfare",
RAND Journal of Economics, 48(2) (2017), 387–408.
[working paper version] [published versionpaywall] [supplementary appendix]
"Integration and Search Engine Bias", with Alexandre de Cornière,
RAND Journal of Economics, 45(3) (2014), 576–597.
[working paper version] [published versionpaywall]
"Search Quality and Revenue Cannibalization by Competing Search Engines",
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 22(3) (2013), 445–467.
[working paper version] [published versionpaywall] [supplementary appendix]
"Defensive Sniping and Efficiency in Simultaneous Hard-Close Proxy Auctions",
Journal of Mathematical Economics, 48(1) (2012), 51-58.
[working paper version] [published versionpaywall]
"The Informativeness of On-line Advertising",
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 29(6) (2011), 668-677.
[working paper version] [published versionpaywall]

Book Contributions & Other Publications

"Information-seeking strategies in medicine queries: a clinical eye-tracking study with gaze-cued retrospective think-aloud protocol", International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 1–13, with Tim Muntinga (forthcoming)."

"When the Winning Move is Not to Play: Games of Deterrence in Cyber Security", with Chad Heitzenrater and Andrew Simpson, Decision and Game Theory for Security (Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol. 9406), 250–269.

"Scarcity of Attention for a Medium of Abundance: An Economic Perspective"
in W. H. Dutton & M. Graham (eds.) Society and the Internet: How Information and Social Networks are Changing Our Lives, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK (2014).
"RE: Search" (introduction to a special issue), with Mark Graham and Ralph Schroeder, New Media & Society, 16(2) (2014), 187–194.
"What Makes Google Tick?", Economic Review, 28(2) (2010), 16–19.

Projects on Indefinite Hold

"Attention Retention: Targeted Advertising and the Ex Post Role of Media Content",
(last updated 2013; first version 2010).