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If you have a complaint or suggestions about Jacari, please use our online feedback form.

This goes straight to Jacari's Coordinator and allows us to quickly and effectively deal with your comments.

Details of Jacari's Complaints Policy can also be found with the feedback form.


01865 264 167


Jacari, 16/17 Turl St, Oxford, OX1 3DH

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The Coordinator

Jacari now has a full-time Coordinator, responsible for the office and the student committee. The current Coordinator (2011-12) is Susie Perks, a recent graduate of Oxford University. You can get in touch with Susie via email: coordinator_at_jacari.org, or phone: 01865 264 167

Miriam I'm Susie, and I'm Jacari's Coordinator this year. I work full-time in the Jacari office, and I'm responsible for the management and administration of the project. I'm always available to answer any queries you might have - about being a volunteer, or anything else to do with Jacari. Send me an email or drop by for a chat!


The committee is a small body of students formed each year to run Jacari. All are volunteers in the teaching programme. The current committee (2011-12) is:


Hi, I’m Rob. I’m a third year mathematician at Mansfield College. I’m the Oxford Uni half of the teaching committee this year, so will be trying to ensure that all our volunteers have access to the resources and support they need to make their time with Jacari as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible. Primarily this involves giving inductions and workshops, but more generally it means welcoming any concerns, queries, suggestions or anything else you may have regarding teaching, whether by e-mail or in person at Jacari events.

george Howdy! I'm Georgie, a 3rd year Classicist at Merton. I'm your social events rep for this year and am in charge of organising social events for Jacari volunteers. These events, full of fun and frolicks, are a chance for the volunteers to get together a few times a term and discuss how their teaching is going in a relaxed environment. Any suggestions for socials, please let me know, and I hope that you will be able to come to one of our events soon!!
shinn Hi, Hey peeps, I’m Shinn a second year reading Experimental Psychology at Pembroke college. I’m also the kid’s event officer in the committee, and am looking forward organising cool activities for the kids and volunteers alike. Ideas for next year include a trip to the science museum, and perhaps trying a new sport together (in the spirit of the London Olympics). Fun times await, and it will help us to get to know each other, as well as seeing a different side of your kids. I’d love some suggestions for next year, so if you have any ideas on cool things please, send me an email, and I hope to see you at an event soon! Claudia Hi, I'm Claudia. I am doing my final year of Theology at Keble. I got involved with Jacari last year and have really enjoyed the tutoring I've done so far. I have now taken on the role of Publicity Officer so I am busy trying to recruit volunteers. If you would like to know more about the charity or get involved in any way, please do drop me an email!
Charles Hi, I am Charles and I am studying Theology at Trinity. I have been tutoring with Jacari for a year or so, which has been an incredible opportunity to support my student. I am the Finance Officer for the next year and will be budgeting and fund-raising. If you have any questions regarding the finance of Jacari, please contact me.

Brookes Committee

There is also a separate committee made up of students from Oxford Brookes who coordinate much of Jacari's work for Brookes students. The current Brookes committee (2011-2012) is:

>Sophie Hiya, my name is Sophie and I'm in my second year at Brookes studying English and History. I am the Brookes Jacari President this year and my role is mainly to help anyone at Brookes who is involved with Jacari as well as ensuring everyone at Brookes knows more about this charity. It will be great to have more Brookes students involved and its a great way to meet other students from other colleges at the socials! It's a fantastic charity that helps the community and its very flexible. If you want to volunteer to teach or have any ideas to help improve awareness then please email me natalie Hi I’m Louise and I am in my second year at Brookes studying primary education. I’m the Brookes Teaching Officer this year so I’m here to support volunteers in making lessons with their pupils fun, engaging and effective! Part of my role is to hold inductions for new volunteers and teaching workshops throughout the year. I am happy to help with any queries you may have, so if you have any questions or suggestions please do e-mail me.
Natalie Hiya my name is Natalie and I’m a second year student at Brookes studying English and Psychology. I am new to Jacari as part of the Oxford Brookes Publicity Officer team. It is great that Jacari has come to Brookes, so it is my role to promote Jacari to students and encourage more people to join as it is such a rewarding and fun experience. I will also help organise fun events and socials for the children and volunteers, as well as creating posters and giving out flyers. I look forward to getting involved with this great committee, working with the children and meeting lots of current and new volunteers. If you want to get in touch, please do e-mail me. Thank you! Ali Hi I'm Ali, the social rep for Oxford Brookes. I'm in my 3rd year at Brookes reading French and International Relations. Along with Georgie I'll be organising social events for volunteers this year. We've got loads of fun things planned for this term but if you have any suggestions please just send me an email.


The ethos of Jacari is to be accessible and fun. Teaching and preparing lessons can sometimes be daunting. To help, we have a brilliant library of books and games suitable for children of all ages, as well as ‘quick lesson grabs’ if you’re in a rush. These can always help to plan a whole lesson, provide some lighter exercises or reward extra effort with a bit of fun.

Pop into the office (at the above address - on the corner of Turl and Ship St, on the 2nd floor above the Turl St kitchen.

You can borrow any book free of charge. We have over 300 books, games and worksheets so you're sure to find something.

If you can't find the book you need, do let us know. Jacari will be happy to acquire this book and add it to our library as soon as possible.

Office hours are:

Monday 9.30am-12 pm, 2-3pm

Wednesday 9.30am-12pm, 2-3pm

Friday 9.30am-12pm, 2-3pm

The office is often open at other times, but it is best to give us a call first to check before setting out.