The Oxnet Gallery

At last you can find out what your favourite posters to ox.* newsgroups - the ox.stars - look like. I really regret having to say that this page is best viewed with a graphical browser, but I don't have the time to create ASCII art alternatives to these mugshots.

Click on the picture for the original version, which might be at a more sensible scale; click on the name for that person's home page. The pictures are not thumbnails but browser-reduced versions of the image each person provides on their own page; hence some are very large files. The gallery is constructed this way so that those featured may change their pictures at will. If you are vain, please send a photo of yourself to the Oxford address at the foot of the page.

Malcolm Austen

David Ball

Colin Batchelor

Jack Bertram

Pete Biggs and Pippa

Tony Brett

Ian Collier

Jonathan Chin

John-D. Courouble

Simon Cozens

Alan Crowder

Nic Farhi

Paul Gilkerson

Stephen Gower

Richard Green

Alan Iwi

Jonathan Jones

Lucy Kennedy

David Lecomber

Owen Massey

Joe Pitt-Francis

Mike Roberts

Jonathan Sacerdoti

David Sheldon

Ganesh Sittampalam

John-Patrick Stacey (j-p.s)

Robin Stevens

Tom Womack

Juntung Wu (JT)

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