JazzSoc is the centre of the jazz scene in Oxford. It provides a space for players to meet and play together, as well as to hear professional artists. The JazzSoc community is a network of musicians from both of Oxford’s universities and from the general public.

JazzSoc’s jazz nights also provide a unique and relaxed place to hang out. It’s the perfect place to chill, have a few drinks and hear some great music. Our jazz nights are very popular with students and the wider public regardless of whether or not they’re die-hard jazz fans.

Our weekly jazz night kicks off at 8:30pm every Tuesday of Oxford term and is held at the Mad Hatter Bar, Oxford. Entrance is a mere £3 for students and £4 for members of the public! Alternatively you can buy lifetime membership of JazzSoc for just £20, giving you free entry to all of our jazz nights, as well as reduced rates at Oxford’s Spin Jazz Club (just £4 after 9pm) and reduced rates for our CD library. You also get a snazzy membership card (trust me, when you see them you will want one).

The night usually opens with a set from a guest performer. These range anywhere between student ensembles, up and coming local acts, and internationally acclaimed jazzers. In recent years JazzSoc has been lucky to host the likes of Dave Newton, Adam Waldmann, Gareth Lockrane, Nigel Hitchcock, Sam Crockatt, Ivo Neame, and Iain Ballamy, amongst many others.

Clips of some of our past gigs can be found on our YouTube channel at: www.youtube.com/channel/UCitT6xn7X5yqMkdD0lgDddg

After the opening set, the hosting act depart the stage and the jam begins!

The jam is JazzSoc’s raison d’etre. This is where the real fun begins. The groove quickly gets going, all sorts of tunes are called and musicians flow on and off the stage. The style varies anywhere between old-time swing tunes, intense bebop, smooth modal tunes, blues numbers, funk grooves… Once the jam kicks off anything can happen…
Anyone of any standard of playing on any instrument (or vocals!) is very welcome to come up and play some tunes. It’s a friendly and fun atmosphere, as well as great way to develop musicianship and pick up some new tunes.

The jam has had many great players pass through it in the years, most notably Soweto Kinch who regularly jammed during his days at Oxford.

Lastly, JazzSoc has a very well-stocked CD library for students to borrow from. The library contains CDs from a very wide range of eras and styles, with something to suit every taste. Students can borrow a CD from the library for a week for just £2 for one or £3 for 2, and £1 for every following CD. Members pay just 50p and then £1 for subsequent CDs. These can be collected on the door of any of our jazz nights. New to jazz and want to discover something new? Just ask us to recommend you a CD.

We mostly send out information about our events via our Facebook page and our mailing list. Check out our facebook page here: www.facebook.com/OxfordUniversityJazzSociety. And contact us at info@jazzsoc.co.uk to join our mailing list!