About JazzSoc

JazzSoc exists to promote the development of the University jazz scene by providing the main arena for student players to interact musically. We aim to introduce new music and musicians, and maintain relevance to students whilst also encouraging a non-student contingent. JazzSoc doesn't exclude anyone from its activities - it's as accessible to non-students as it is to students; the more people that get involved, the greater the strength and diversity of the music produced.

So how do we do this? Well our main event is the jam, which takes place every Tuesday in the function room of Copa on George Street. Anyone can turn up and play, whatever their musical ability. We don't control what gets played - so long as everyone is feeding off each others' groovy licks, who cares what happens! We welcome all types of listener, so whether you're a regular jazzer or you just want to enjoy the chilled vibe, it's the place for you. The jam has had some amazing players pass through it over the years, perhaps the most notable being Soweto Kinch who regularly jammed throughout his time in Oxford.

Additionally, every term we host a 'JazzSoc Spectacular'. These not-to-be-missed events take place to showcase the music of excellent players and bands. Acts featured recently include: Josh Kemp, Soweto Kinch, Tim Garland, Julian Arguelles, Iain Ballamy, Mark Nightingale, Stekpanna and Gilad Atzmon. Entrance to these is either free or greatly reduced to members, so you'd be crazy not to join!

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