Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper CV


University of Warwick (September 2006-November 2010. Viva 28 February 2011)
AHRC/Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellowship funded PhD in Philosophy
Supervisor: Dr Matthew Soteriou
Title: “The Unity of Consciousness and the Ontology of Mind”
Examiners: Tim Bayne (Oxford), Bill Brewer (Warwick)

University of Warwick (September 2005-August 2006)
AHRC/Departmental Scholarship funded MA in Philosophy of Mind
Awarded a Distinction.

University of Warwick (September 2002-June 2005)
BA Philosophy
Awarded first class honours.

Published Work

An Appearance of Succession Requires a Succession of Appearances (forthcoming), Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
(Final Draft)

Diachronic and Synchronic Unity (forthcoming), Philosophical Studies
(Final Draft) (Phil Studies)

Broad's Accounts of Temporal Experience (forthcoming), Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy
(Final Draft)

The Continuity of Consciousness (2011), The European Journal of Philosophy
(Final Draft) (EJP)


Lecturer in Philosophy at Jesus and Trinity Colleges, Oxford (Current)

Modules Taught:
Philosophy of Science, Elements of Deductive Logic,
Knowledge and Reality, Philosophy of Mind,
History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant,
General Philosophy, Introduction to Logic,
Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Teaching Assistant at University of Warwick (2008-2010)

Modules Taught:
Elements of Scientific Method,
Introducing Formal Logic, Descartes & Mill,
Philosophy of Science, History of Modern Philosophy


Work in Progress Seminar, University of Oxford 2011: Temporal Experience and the Unity of Consciousness
'Open Minds' Graduate Conference, University of Manchester 2010: Temporal Experience
'Varieties of Experience' Graduate Conference, Glasgow University 2009: The Unity of Consciousness
European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Utrecht 2008: The Unity of Consciousness


Editorial Assistant for How the Light Gets In 2011, popular philosophy festival held in Hay-on-Wye.
Organised Philosophy Work-in-Progress Seminars at University of Warwick (2008-2009)
Organised MindGrad 2007 Graduate Conference at University of Warwick