Service Next Sunday, July 24th, 2016

St James

(Ninth Sunday after Trinity)

Patronal Festal Evensong 6pm

(Book of Common Prayer)

Followed by Supper in the School Room


(Book of Common Prayer)


Vicar: The Reverend Tom Handy, The Vicarage, South Petherton, TA13 tel. 01 460 240 377
If you wish to speak to the Vicar personally, he is usually around at the Vicarage to receive your telephone calls or personal visit between 11.30am -1pm Tuesday to Friday and also on Friday between 5:30pm -7pm. You can of course call at any time and take `pot luck'.

Not many people are comfortable with talking to a machine, but if he is not at the Vicarage, then please utilise the answering machine; the Vicar will answer your message as soon as he possibly can.

If your communication is urgent contact him via his mobile number. *** ******** Rest assured that if the Vicar were in a confidential or private meeting the phone will be switched off so no embarrassment would be caused. No doubt the `high tech' among you will agree that the most unobtrusive and simple form of communication is the e-mail and you can catch him by this method if you want to. (Vicar - "I don't open e-mail until the evening.")

Finally do remember that the Vicar is not clairvoyant. If you or some one you know would like the Vicar to visit then tell him; he will be delighted to call. In fact I understand he likes to be `caught by parishioners' to engage in meaningful encounters, bless him. But then that's what the Vicar's here for isn't it? (Vicar - "I'm here for God and the Gospel''.)


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