Bibliography of Helen Oppenheimer's Principal Writings


1962  Law and love: a study in practical Christian ethics  Faith Press 

1974  The character of Christian morality  Faith Press  1965  2nd edition revised and enlarged  

       7164 0003 0  

1973  Incarnation and immanence  Hodder & Stoughton  0 340 16586 3  

1976 The marriage bond  Faith Press  7124 0455 9 

1983 The hope of happiness  SCM Press  334 02054 9 

1988 Looking before and after (The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book)  Collins Fount

       Forward by the Archbishop of Canterbury   0 00 627134 0 

       Published in USA as The hope of heaven  Cowley publications  0-936384-56-5 

1990 Marriage, in the series: 'Ethics: our choices'  Mowbrays   0 264 67193 7  

1994 Finding and Following: talking with children about God   SCM Press  0334 02579 6  

       Published in USA (1994) as Helping children find God: a book for parents. teachers and

       clergy  Morehouse publishing  0 8182 1650 X  

2001 Making good  SCM Press  0334 02832 9   

2003 Profitable wonders (anthology)  SCM Press  334 02924 4  

2006 What a Piece of Work: On Being Human   Imprint Academic  334 02924 4  

Articles in books  

1964  ‘Temperance’ in Traditional virtues reassessed  ed.A.R.Vidler  SPCK  (from Theology


1970 ‘Head and members: the priest and the community he serves’ in The sacred ministry

1971 ‘ Marriage as illustrating some Christian Doctrines’ in Marriage, divorce and the church (Report of the Commission on the Christian Doctrine of Marriage) SPCK 281 02634 3

       ed. G.R.Dunstan  SPCK   281 02351 4  (from Theology March 1968)   

1975 ‘Ought and is’ in Duty and discernment ed. G.R.Dunstan  SCM Press  334 00339 3

       (from Theology  February 1974)    

1979  ‘Ministry and priesthood’ in Stewards of the mysteries of God  ed.Eric James 

       0 232 51432 1

1980 ‘Moral choice’ in Change and choice  ed.Beatrice Musgrave and Zoe Menell 

       Peter Owen   0 7206 0539 3

1986 ‘Mission, morals and folk religion’ in Crossroads are for meeting: essays on the mission

       and common life of the church in a global society  ed. Philip Turner and Frank Sugeno 

       SPCK/USA   0-933667-01-9 

1988 ‘Making God findable’ in The parish church  ed.Giles Ecclestone  Grubb Institute

       Mowbray   0-264-67143-0 

1989 'Handling life' in Doctors' Decisions ed. G.R.Dunstan and E.A.Shinebourne  OUP


1989 ‘Two shall become one’ in Men and women: sexual ethics in turbulent times  ed.Philip

       Turner  Cowley Publications   0-936384-72-7 

1990 ‘Amid ethical uncertainties’ in Robert Runcie: a portrait by his friends  

       ed.David L.Edwards  Collins Fount   0-00-627580-6 

1991 ‘Blessing’ in The weight of glory  A vision and practice for Christian faith:  essays for

       Peter Baelz  ed..D.W.Hardy and P.H.Sedgwick  T & T Clark   0 567 095979 7

1996 ‘An Anglican approach’ in Spiritual life and intellectual work  Catholic commission on

       intellectual and cultural affairs  Vol.15 

1997 ‘Reflections of a Christian humanist’ in Changing world, unchanging church? 

       Ed. David Clark  Mowbray   0-264-67421-9

2000 ‘The truth-telling animal’ in Dumbing down: culture, politics and the mass-media  ed. Ivo Mosley Imprint Academic  0 907845 657

2003 ‘Mattering’ in Approaches to ethics: nursing beyond boundaries   ed Verena Tschudin Butterworth Heinmann Elsevier Science Ltd   07506 53246 4 (adapted from ‘Mattering’ in Studies in Christian ethics 8:1)

       0333760549  (adapted from ‘Mattering’ in Studies in Christian ethics 8:1)

1999 ‘Inner resources for growing older’ in Spirituality and ageing  ed. Albert Jewell  

       Jessica Kingsley Publishers  1 85302 631 X

Articles in dictionaries

1983 ‘The good’; ‘Good works’; ‘Theology of marriage’; ‘Virtue’ in  A new dictionary of

       Christian theology  (SCM Press)  ed.James Childress and John Macquarrie  334 0226 1

1986  ‘Desire’; ‘Divorce’; ‘Humility’; ‘Marriage’; ‘Obedience’; ‘Pride’; ‘Saintliness’;

       ‘Sanc­ti­­fi­cation’; ‘Sloth’ in A new dictionary of Christian ethics (SCM Press) ed.James

       Childress and John Macquarrie  0-334-02205-3 

1991 ‘Sexual ethics’ in Dictionary of the ecumenical movement  (Eerdmans)  WCC

       Publications,  Geneva  1991  2-8254-1025-X  

1995 'Ethics and  the personal life' in Companion encyclopaedia of theology (Routledge) 

       ed.Peter Byrne and Leslie Houlden  0-415-06447-3

1996 ‘Marriage’; ‘Partnering’ in Dictionary of ethics, theology and society  (Routledge) 

       ed.Paul Barry Clarke and Andrew Linzey   0-415-06212-8

Published lectures   

1998 ‘The character of Christian ethics’  The John Coffin Memorial Lecture 1997,  University

       of London; Athlone Press   0 485 16211 3

1998 ‘Fidelity’: Inaugural lecture, Mary Sumner Lectures  Mothers’ Union

Articles in periodicals


August 1957 ‘Divorce and Christian teaching’

February 1965 ‘The identifying of grace’

March 1966 ‘Immanence’

March 1967 ‘Afterthought’ to a set of papers on the Resurrection        

September 1968 ‘Head and members’ 

December 1969 ‘Marriage and grace’

February 1970  ‘Petitionary prayer’ 

June 1971 ‘Marriage, divorce and the church’  (Reply to a review by John Lucas) 

February 1973 ‘Ought and is’ 

May 1975 ‘Is the marriage bond an indissoluble “vinculum”’? 

September 1979  ‘Life after death’ (Oxford University sermon)

January 1988  ‘Grievances’  (Cambridge University sermon)

March/April 1990  ‘Spirit and body: prophesy, diversity and Christian identity’  (Paper

       read to the Society for the study of theology 1987) 

November/December 1993  ‘On the maleness of Christ’  Talk given in BBC series

       ‘Seeds of faith’ 1992)  

November/December 1995  ‘Remembering’  (Sermon preached in Balliol College,

        Oxford  13 November 1994) 

November/December 2003  ‘Are saints special?’  (Sermon preached in St John’s College,

       Oxford,  2003) 

 November/December 2003  ‘Cohabitation: a Christian reflection’ (Review article) 

Church quarterly review 

July/September 1962   ‘Praying for guidance’ 


Religious studies

1969  5 ‘Christian flourishing’  (Printed in The character of Christian morality  2nd ed. 1974)


1973 ‘The churches and marriage’ in ‘The future of marriage in the church’ 

1991 'Reflections on the experience of aging' 

The modern churchman 

1984  XXVI 4  ‘The authority of the New Testament in ethics’ 

Studies in Christian ethics     

1991 4:1 'Ourselves, our souls and bodies'

1992 5:2 'Abortion'

1994 7:2  ‘Veritatis splendor’  

1995 8:1 ‘Mattering’, printed in Nurses matter (above) 

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