Why February 29th, 2000?

Why February 29th, 2000? February 29th, 2000, is a very special day. It is a leap-year's day: more than that, it is a leap-year's day in a year divisible by 100; most centuries - 1700, 1800, 1900 - are not leap years, even though they are divisible by 4; but if they are divisible by 400, they are. So February 29th, 2000, is only the fifth such leap-year's day we could have had in our era, if we had always used a modern calendar, and at any rate the first millennial one we have ever had. It is the most unique day that our essentially non-particularising dating scheme can offer in the lifetime of inhabitants of East Lambrook, and so the most appropriate date to start its exiatence in cyber-space.

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