I list here links to other web sites which occur in my articles, or which might be useful to visitors.

A full discussion of the issues raised by my arguments against mechanism is now available Etica e Politica, 2003. David Chalmers' home page has now moved to and this up-dated link does work (December 1st, 2007):
A helpful discussion by P.Madden, aimed at an undergraduate readership at Warwick University, with recommendations for further reading, is now available The Lucas Debate and Related Issues
Ricardo Pereira Tassinari and Itala M.L. D'Ottaviano "Cogito, ergo sum not machina"
Click here to go to PSIgate, which is a free online catalogue of high quality Internet resources in the physical sciences. Resources are selected, catalogued and indexed by researchers and other specialists in their respective fields.

D.H Mellor's counter to my criticisms of his tenseless theory of time.

I have been asked to draw attention to for discussions of the philosophy of physics: it did not work on my browser, but has been repaired.

My son, Richard Lucas, is promoting an international effort to commemorate Wojtek the Soldier Bear. His powerpoint presentation is here This is the basecamp site and here is a facebook group Also look at this and (Couchsurfers for Wojtek) this " My son Richard is involved in the following businesses:
Merton College, Oxford

University of Oxford

British Academy
EPISTEME a new philosophic journal under the auspices of LSE

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