The Conceptual Roots of Mathematics


The Conceptual Roots of Mathematics was published by Routledge on Friday, October 15th, 1999.
It is dedicated to

David Bostock


all my colleagues

I have had many colleagues, and have been greatly helped by them, some of them unknown to me. I dedicated an earlier work, Space, Time and Causality to Eric James and all my teachers, and wrote to those I could and told them so. I dedicated Responsibility to all my pupils, and put their names on the book-jacket. I have listed in colour the names of those in Merton with whom I have shared pupils, those I have given lectures and seminars with, and those with whom I have worked on other projects in Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Edinburgh, the British Society for the Philosophy of Science, and elsewhere. But there are many others whose names could well appear here, to whom also the book is dedicated with grateful thanks. Return to bibliography

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