Corrigenda in The Conceptual Roots of Mathematics

I am chagrined to find how many mistakes there are. I have only myself to blame---I set up the type myself. But if you have a copy, please make these corrections.


page line (- means count from bottom of page)


23 l.-7 `maximun' should be `maximum'.

36 top in figure 2.2.1 E (on the left) should be F, and F E.

37 in figure 2.2.2, second equation should read AD.AC = AB2

101 l.8 delete righthand bracket after second m

112 in table 4.7.2 in row 3, column Tommy, delete one }, leaving only three }}}.

158 l.3 `criticial' should be `critical'

161 l.13 last entry should be `1/3'

197 l.13 `or' should be `of'

219 ll.21,27 delete one of the two left-hand brackets ((

225 l.-1 p.444 should be p.270

235 l.7 `iswhy' should be `is why'

256 figure 9.10.3 in l.3 `right' should be `left'

264 l.13 `that' should be `than'

265, 269, 289 the words `Downwards' and `Upwards' are the wrong way round, and

a negation sign should be inserted in D3, after the `{\it i.e.}

265 ll.-14,13 A5 should read (Ax)(Ay)((Az)(z<x <--> z<y) <--> (Az)(x<z <--> y<z))

289, similarly A5 should read (Ax)(Ay)((Az)(z<<x <--> z<<y) <--> (Az)(x<<z <--> y<<z))

269 in A 10 replace the disjunction, \/ by another conjunction, /\.

274 n.9.l.5 replace `Whithead' by `Whitehead'.

275 l.8 replace `extension' by `region', so as to read `part of every region of the set'

351 ll.13,15 replace `quotifer' by `quotifier'

355 l.-10 after `well-ordered', replace comma by a dash.

382 l.14 after `address' insert `me'.

447 l.-6 `7.1' should be `7.4ff.'




These are the replacement chapters that I have done:


Chapter 2 Geometry

Chapter 4 Numbers: The Cardinal Approach

Chapter 7 The Infinite

Chapter 8 The Implications of Gödel's Theorem

Chapter 13 Chastened Logicism?

Chapter 14 Mathematical Knowledge


I have been working on chapters 9 and 10, where much more radical revision was needed, and have now written three chapters that are markedly different from the published version.

Chapter 9A, ``What is Logic'' partly replaces the old Chapter 13, ``Chastened Logicism?'', but needs to come before the new

Chapter 9B, ``Transitive Relations'', which, on the urging of a correspondent, has been substantially re-written.

Chapter 10A , ``Protopology'', which attempts to replace Whithead's unsuccessful programme of ``extensive abstraction'', basing topology on mereology together with infinite sequences, by one ``Boolean Plus'' that bases it on the most minimal extension of mereology.

I need to give a better account of infinity, and re-do the final chapters, but I have other pressing concerns, so publish these three chapters on their own.