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Professor Lucas,

I am a student at Cerritos Community College in Cerritos, CA, USA.

I am writing an analysis paper in my Philosophy-Critical Thinking and Argumentative Writing class.

My subject is The Social Responsibility of Business. I am doing a comparison of the pro and con on the social responsibility of business as it pertains to profit ventures. I am analyzing Milton Friedman's article ``The social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits'' from The New York Times Sunday Magazine and your composition ``The Responsibilities of a Businessman'' from Business Ethics: Perspectives on the Practice of Theory edited by Christopher Cowton and Roger Crisp.

I am having a difficult time finding biographical information about you. The only information that I have been able to collect is what I have gotten off your website. Can you please send me biographical information about yourself so that I can properly present your ethos?

Thank you for taking time to read my request. I can be contacted through e-mail at .


Caldonia Joyce ______________________________________________________

I am an English oldie, born in 1929, grew up during the war, but too young to fight in it. My father was an Episcopalian clergyman, and I have always been concerned with Ethical Economics (I wrote a book on it---details on my web site. It might help you with further arguments against the extreme profit-only position) I played a part in the British Consumer Movement, and by going to an Annual General Meeting of the British Motor Corporation, forced them to abandon some devious practices to deprive purchasers of their legal rights.

I helped found the Oxford Consumers' Group, and was their first Chairman.

Much later I had a go at British Telecom to get them to deliver telegrams promptly (instead of just putting them in the mail!).
I have spent most of my life as an academic, in Oxford and Cambridge.

(There is a potted biography of me in Who's Who?, a British reference book that is probably in your library.)

I have one son who is a journalist for the Economist, and was until recently their correspondent in Moscow;
and another who is a businessman in Poland---bringing Western technology to an ex-Communist country;
and a daughter who is a doctor (at present attending a conference in New Orleans on Primary Care).

I think you could desribe me as a dyed-in-the-wool traditional Englishman.

[One other thing that might amuse your audience: I used to be rung up in the afternoon G.M.T, by New York stockbrokers wanting me to lose money on the New York Stock Exchange. I think they must have got my name from Who's Who?, and thought I must therefore be very rich. I used to explain that I was an old-age pensioner, and had not got much money to lose, but would anyhow wait until after the crash before buying their shares. But in fact I am still waiting, because I think the market has still some way to fall---the reason being that what makes business tick is not profits for shareholders but service for customers. See my book]

Let me know how you fare

J.R. Lucas

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