J.L.Austin says that `unreal' wears the trousers, and contrasts `real' with synthetic, ersatz, artificial, imaginary, illusory, etc. But remember that the word was coined by philosophers, not shop-keepers.

Marks of Reality

  1. . not dependent on any person, not subjective
  2. . independent of the observer
  3. . independent of whether known or not; contrasted with epistemic
  4. . resistant to will; brute facts; what happens willy-nilly
  5. . independent of other things (cf. Faraday's arguments for the real existence of fields).
  6. . not transient; permanent
  7. . completely determinate
  8. . rational, explanatory
  9. . required (to be quantified over) by well-established theory (Quine: ``To be is to be the value of a variable'')
  10. . has massergy
  11. . independent of whether constructed or not
  12. . corrigible.
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