Is God in time?

Awkward to say He is;
Would he not then be enclosed in time, subject to time?

compare question: Is God in space?
No; God is not in space: all space is present to God, space is the sensorium of God, all space is in God, God is outside space.
De Deo vero non ita, nam quod ubique est ita dici videtur non quod in omni sit loco (omnino enim in loco esse non potest) sed quod omnis locus adsit ad eum capiendum, cum ipse non suscipiatur in loco

Boethius De Trinitate 4

Eodem modo Boethius, God is outside time
But Eodem modo Time is not like space, not even in the Special Theory

``Space is like time, but time is not like space'' JRL in A Treatise on Time and Space

Although God is not confined within time, He is not outside it either, since every time is a time when He exists.