Applying to the group

Potential post docs: Unless I have specifically advertised a position, I will not have floating funding to support speculative applications. However, if you have a very strong research record (e.g. papers of JACS or Angew. Chem. quality), and your research is complementary to the work conducted in my group, then do please get in touch with a view to making an application for funding through the Marie Curie Fellowship scheme; these are now extremely competitive but we have been successful in previous applications.

Potential Part II and D.Phil. students: If you enjoy mechanistic organic chemistry and are committed to undertaking a research project in synthetic organic chemistry then I will be pleased to discuss current projects and future opportunities. Generally, I make grant applications in the autumn and hear about funding decisions in February to April.

Potential visitors: If you would like to join the group for an internship or as an academic visitor then please get in contact. You will need to obtain funding to support your visit, both to cover your own accommodation and living expenses in Oxford and to cover laboratory costs.

Potential undergraduates: If you are at school and are considering a Chemistry degree at Brasenose College then you will find further details here.