Associate Professor of Philosophy
Official Student (i.e. Tutorial Fellow) of Christ Church


Research Interests
Ancient Philosophy

I am currently completing a book for Oxford University Press on Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Book Λ (XII), in which Aristotle discusses substance, form and matter, causation, teleology, theology, the nature of thought, and cosmology, and on articles on Aristotle’s scientific practice and his conception of metaphysicsFuture projects include a book on Plato’s Euthyphro and articles on various issues in Aristotle’s De Caelo.

I am General Editor of the Clarendon Aristotle Series, and joint Editor, with Julia Annas, of Oxford Aristotle Studies.

Edited Anthologies
1991  Lindsay Judson (ed.), Aristotle’s Physics: A Collection of Essays (Oxford)
2006  Lindsay Judson and Vassilis Karasmanis (eds), Remembering Socrates: Philosophical Essays (Oxford)

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2016  (forthcoming) Hypotheses in Platos Meno, Philosophical Inquiry
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2018  (forthcoming) ‘The Meno’, in Gail Fine (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Plato, 2nd edition (Oxford University Press)