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BUCS Match 2014

This February ten Oxford karateka travelled to Sheffield to compete in what would turn out to be Oxford's most successful BUCS competitions in recent years.

The competition opened with an excellent team kata from George Lunn, Simon Chelley and Ryan Bower, who didn't make it through against some strong competition. The next event was individual kata, with stunning performances from the two men and three women competing. Our men's captain Simon Chelley won his first round on unanimous vote from the judges. Carlos Rios Ocampo, Corina Gurau and Hannah Pothecary all made it into the quarter finals of their senior kata categories, an impressive feat considering the high standard, and sheer numbers, of other competitors.

On the Saturday afternoon we had the team kumite events. Neither the men's nor the women's team made it through the first round, with the men losing to medal-winners. However, it was good to see Oxford competing in this event, which we didn't enter last year, and it was a good warm-up for the individual kumite on the Sunday.

The second day of competition saw all ten from OUKC competing in kumite, with yet more triumphs for Oxford. Everyone performed well - Michael Pei made an excellent debut performance for competitive kumite, winning his first round, and Carlos made it through to the quarter finals for the second time in the weekend. Tegwen Ecclestone fought exceptionally well, winning bronze in her individual kumite . Oxford's first BUCS medal in a number of years.

Overall, the weekend was very enjoyable, and we all learnt a huge amount from the experience.

Varsity Match 2014

The 2014 varsity competition was the best performance by Oxford University in this competition since 2006, with a dominant victory for the women's team and the men's team being as close as they have ever been to ending Cambridge's winning run.

After the individual kata sections of the competition both Oxford teams had taken an early lead. For the men.s team, Carlos Rios Ocampo's impressive performance of Enpi led to him topping the scoring, and valuable scores from Ryan Bower, George Lunn and Gabriel Nicklin led to Oxford establishing an 8 point lead in this part of the competition. A very strong performance of Anan by Tasha Nussbaum meant Cambridge had the highest scorer in the women's competition, narrowly beating Hannah Pothecary by just 0.2. The next four scorers below Tasha were all Oxford competitors and this was enough to give Oxford a 14 point lead in the girl's competition.

Team kata would prove to be pivotal in the men's competition, with Cambridge's high quality performance of Enpi narrowly edging out Oxford's performance of Jion by a score of 19.9-19.6 and swinging the scores in favour of Cambridge to give them a 6 point lead. The girls however produced another strong kata performance to triumph over Cambridge and extend their lead to 26 points.

At the start of the men's kumite the score difference between the two universities was the equivalent of one fight, but unfortunately Oxford could not make up this deficit, losing this section of the competition 6-4 on aggregate despite more strong performances by Carlos and George and an unlucky disqualification for Ryan in a fight where he had a 2-1 lead at the time. This handed Cambridge the win in the men's competition by a score of 74-56. A different result in team kata or a reversal of the kumite scores would have been enough to see Oxford take the victory in this competition, showing how close the standard of the teams was and how much Oxford have improved since last year.

The women maintained their dominant performance into the kumite section, losing just one of their eight fights thanks to particularly impressive performances by Isabel Thomlinson and Tegwen Ecclestone. This meant the girls went on to take victory by a huge margin with the final scores being 82-20. Congratulations to Cambridge for retaining the Enoeda cup as the current holders of the trophy but very well done to both Oxford teams for our strongest showing at varsity in 8 years.

BUCS Match 2013

Despite arriving at BUCS with slightly depleted numbers due to illness and other unforeseen circumstances OUKC produced a strong showing at this year. Nine members of the club were able to attend the tournament in total, most taking part in multiple events. The club had three members reach the quarter finals in different events: George Lunn in the Men's Senior Individual Kumite, Hannah Pothecary in the Women's Senior Individual Kata and Edward Grefenstette in the Men's Novice Individual Kata. We can be very proud of this success and it shows the club is very competitive nationally. Hopefully other members of the club can aspire to this, and we can make the step up to winning medals next year in the individual events. We also hope to enter into the team kata and kumite competitions as well having an even greater turn out in the individual events.

Varsity Match 2013

The men's and women's Varsity teams, along with enthusiastic supporters from Oxford, travelled to Cambridge by minibus on 9th February 2013. After motivational talks, warm-ups and bows, the competition began. The first event was individual kata. The Oxford competitors were Hannah, Emily, Nia, Ryan, George, Simon, Mark and Charlie. Everyone performed very well, with some particularly high scores. In team kata, George, Ryan and Simon performed Bassai Dai and Nia, Hannah and Izzy performed Enpi. Next was kumite, and Emily, Hannah, Izzy and the whole men's team each competed in two rounds of fighting. Overall, we did some very good karate, a demonstration of the hard training that everyone put in, but Cambridge had a strong team and won both the men's and women's competitions. After the match, we joined Cambridge for a drink and some food, and then we headed back to Oxford for more celebrations. Next year the competition will be held in Oxford, and I have high hopes for the Oxford squad.

Sensei Ohta Training Autumn 2012

Tuesday 16th October
Tuesday 30th October
Tuesday 13th November
Tuesday 27th November (grading)

Events Spring 2012

26th February: Varsity Match against Cambridge (9am, Iffley Road Sports Centre, Oxford)
6th March: Training/Grading with Sensei Ohta
17th March: BUCS match

Sensei Ohta training June 2011

7th June
21st June (Grading)

BUCS 2010 and Art of Movement Competition

Distinguished individual performances in the last year include Christina Floe's performance at the BUCS championships, earning a bronze medal. Other competitors at this event were Vijay D'Silva who got through the first round of the novice kata category, and Kirstie Moore, both of whom were competing for the first time at BUCS. The club also sent four competitors to the Art of Movement competition for the first time this year, with a view to getting some competition practise and establishing better links with other clubs.

Varsity 2010

Despite valiant efforts from both our Men's and Women's teams at the Varsity event, Cambridge did manage to claim victory again this year. The eventual score however hides many distinguished performances from individual members; including victory by Christina Floe in the Women's kata and very strong debut performances in both kumite and kata from Kathryn Vickers and Patrick Dunn-Walsh, our Captains for 2010/11. The women's team kata also showed how members from three different styles of karate can successfully work together to put in an impressive performance. The day also showed the far superior team spirit and sportsmanship of the Oxford team, who pulled together when a colleague was injured.

Dan Grading, Easter 2009

Congratulations to Robert Cheng for grading to Shodan and Serena Lee, OUKC President 2008-09, for grading to Nidan.

BUCS Championships 2009

Christina Floe performing at Varsity Karate 2009
The British Universities and Colleges Championships (formerly BUSA) took place in Sheffield this year. Christina Floe and Rebecca Darts represented Oxford in the Women's Dan Grade Kata and Women's Kumite, respectively. Both women performed strongly, with Christina winning a Bronze medal, in spite of having done very little non-Shotokan training due to Varsity! Heartiest congratulations to both Christina and Rebecca!

Varsity Competition 2009

Oxford Varsity Karate Squad 2009
The 2009 Varsity Karate match was held in Cambridge in February. Despite valiant efforts from both the Men's and Women's teams - with the men winning the kumite and the women performing strongly in both kumite and kata - Cambridge were once again the better side on the day. In spite of the result, the Oxford squad came away having thoroughly enjoyed the day's competing, and with their intense preparation certainly not regretted (drinks bans included!). The Squad can be proud of their performance and have learned a lot that can be taken forward to next year's Varsity in Oxford. Very well done to all who competed and a big thank you to the vocal group of supporters who journeyed to Cambridge to support the Squad. Here's to 2010!

Michaelmas Term Cuppers Results 2008

Women's Results

1st Christina Floe (Corpus Christi College) -46.2

2nd Serena Lee (St. Edmund's Hall) - 45.4

3rd Shaz Horaib (St. Hilda's College) - 44.8


Men's Results

1st David Armstrong (University College)- 44.7

2nd Mathew Cottee (Pembroke College) - 44.5

3rd Oli Baggaley (Pembroke College) - 43.7

JKA National Championship 2008

Well done to everyone who competed in the nationals on Sunday 6th July. There were notable performances from Ken and Andy who made it through several rounds of kata ultimately knocked out by those who went on to win medals. Hayato also competed very well making it to the kata final, however after a few serious blows to the face in kumite and lots of blood later, he bravely finished in 4th place in kata and made it through a few rounds of kumite.

JKA Grading Hilary Term 2008

Well done to all those who graded!

Dan Grading

Well done to Jan and Said who graded to 1st Dan, and Amel who graded to 2nd Dan over the Easter break

BUSA 2008

Jorick Van der Hoeven took a Bronze medal in the novice heavy weight division in kumite!

JKA Grading Hilary Term 2008

Well done to all those who graded!

Grading Hilary 08

Varsity 2008

The Karate Varsity match 2008 was the culmination of the squad's commitment and dedication shown throughout the term, including fitness sessions at 7.30am on a Monday morning! There were many excellent performances in both kata and kumite, and the Women's team managed to force a draw in both disciplines, whilst the men put up a strong fight, but despite their stellar efforts were unfortunately bested by the Cambridge teams. Well done to all involved, and let's work on making 2009 a victorious year for Oxford and bring those trophies back where they belong!

OUKC President 2008-09 Serena Lee

2007 Brunel University Kata Competition

No medals but a notable performance by Jennifer Dueck

2007 JKAE Kyu Championships

No medals but a notable performance by Jorick Van Der Hoeven.

5th Wantage Shotokan Kata and Kumite Competition

Ken Kawamoto took 1st place and Andrew MacDonald took 3rd place in the Male adult Kate competition. Ken also took 2nd place in the Male adult Shobu Ippon Kumite

Cuppers 2007

1st Christina Traher (Keble) score 15.3
2nd Victoria Young (Merton) score 15.0
2nd Shaz Horaib (St. Hilda's) score 15.0
3rd Serena Lee (SEH) score 14.9

1st Ken Kawamoto (SEH) score 15.1
2nd Junaid Mohammad (LMH) score 15.0
3rd Andrew MacDonald (Hertford) score 14.9

Novice: Jorick Van Der Hoeven (Keble)

BUSA 2007

Junaid Mohammed, won a Bronze medal in the heavily contested Men's Open-weight Kumite, and Tsubasa Itani also took a Bronze in the Men's Light-weight Kumite. Besides the medals, Ken Kawamoto also narrowly lost out in the match for a deserved Bronze in the Men's Intermediate Kata.

Varsity 2007

Though Cambridge managed to secure victories against all three teams, there were notable performances on our side. For the women, there was an all round amazing performance by Christina Traher of Keble in both Kumite and Kata.

Cuppers 2006

1st Christina Traher (Keble) score 45.5
2nd Victoria Young (Merton) score 45.2
3rd Serena Lee (SEH) score 45.1

1st Junaid Mohammed (LMH) score 45.2
2nd Ivoa Varzielas (St. Hughs) score 45.1
2nd Ken Kawamoto (SEH) score 45.1

BUSA 2006

Congratulations to Andrew Macdonald who came home with a Bronze in the Men's Intermediate Kata and to Sara Fazlali who won a Bronze in the Women's Intermediate Kata.

Varsity 2006

Oxford University completed another victory winning all the trophies.

BUSA 2005

Congratulations to Andrew MacDonald who won Gold in the Men's Novice Kata, Lee-Teng Cheng who won Bronze in the Women's Black Belt Kata and Kumite and Florian Heinemann who won Bronze in the Men's Intermediate Kata and Kumite.

Varsity 2005

Oxford wins again! Special thanks are due to Habib for all his dedication and time sacrificed to hepling the squad train and get ready in both kata and kumite.