Keith Hannabuss: Research Interests

My main research interests have been in representation theory and its applications to quantum theory.  In  recent years this has concentrated particularly on representations of infinite-dimensional groups and operator algebras in quantum field theory, and in applications of non-commutative differential geometry to condensed matter physics, but I have also been interested in applications to the study of quantum measurements and to quantisation.
I run the Quantum Field Theory Seminar jointly with Dr Tsou, and in the Spring of 2000 a Working Seminar on Non-commutative Geometry and Instantons I recently organised a meeting of the ABC-KLM network in Oxford. and was also one of the three Oxford representatives in the Liegrits Marie Curie Research and Training Network.

Another interest is the history of mathematics and mathematical physics.
More details and a selection of papers on each topic can be found under the headings below:

Link to the 60th birthday Workshop on Geometry and Physics arranged by the Institute of Geometry and its Applications in Adelaide


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