Simon Quinn: Other stuff


My free 'how to' guide is available here; a revised and printed version is available for purchase here. An Arabic version (translated by Dr Abdulgabbar al Sharaafi) has been published by QatarDebate.  A Spanish version (translated by Tania Paredes Salder) has been published by Red Metis Gaia.

Indigenous poverty in Australia

I was privileged to visit Aurukun, in Far North Queensland, in late 2011; here are some thoughts on remote indigenous poverty viewed from the perspective of development economics.

Light manufacturing in Africa

I have worked with Marcel Fafchamps to produce a background paper for the World Bank's 'Light Manufacturing in Africa' study; the report and background papers are available here.

Evolution of cooperation

My undergraduate ('honours') thesis concerned a multi-agent simulation of cooperation and decentralised altruistic punishment.  
Honours thesis
Simulation program

Bank credit and legal status in Moroccan manufacturing

My M.Phil thesis and my D.Phil thesis both concerned the effect of Moroccan manufacturing firms' choice of legal status on access to bank overdraft facilities.  
M.Phil thesis
D.Phil thesis


Law and networks
Rethinking Rules: Structure and change in systems of incompleteness

Competition law
Competition, Causation and Market Power: Some suggestions for s.46 of the Trade Practices Act
To compete with government: Competition and access to public infrastructure in NT Power v PAWA

Human rights
In both 2004 and 2006, I had the privilege of twice doing volunteer work with the South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre.  In 2004, I helped with articles on religious freedom in Francepreventative detention in the UK (page 6); in 2006, I worked on a summary of the High-Level Segment at the inaugural session of the UN Human Rights Council.

I was an Obiter editor in 2004, along with Ryan Goss, Nick Luke and Sam Whittington.  The least funny articles were generally mine...