Few words about self !!


I completed my medical degree and clinical training from India. Subsequently I received my Masters in Medical Science and Technology from Indian Institute of Technology. I then moved to the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School where I worked as a research fellow before relocating to Oxford for my DPhil research.

My present research activities are aimed at mathematical modeling and estimation of cerebral blood flow in stroke and brain tumours using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. These studies will allow better understanding of stroke physiology and would improvise clinical measures for diagnostic and therapeutic planning.

I am also interested in History, Egyptology and following recent developments in Science which change our understanding of the past.

Few more words


Nature teaches us perfection! And aspires to achieve the impossible!! Human civilization has always admired the complexity of nature. The birth of Science and Religion are attributed to the human curiosity to understand the fundamental forces and phenomenon's which govern nature's complexity. Religion and Science are very closely related probably because they share the common purpose of origin.

Inspite of all the best efforts by civilizations, Nature maintains its silence and conceals the secrets far beyond our reach shrouded beneath a mystical blanket. The challenge is still on! And we progress everyday little with an illusion of understanding the masterpiece called NATURE!!