Kellogg College | Software Engineering Programme

I am reading Software Engineering MSc and a member of Kellogg College. My area of interest are in the application of Agile methodologies in Software Testing and the application of XML and related technologies to manage and report on data-driven test automation frameworks.

I enjoy data wrangling and API development.

My favourite workplace quotes

'we are agile here so we dont document'

'JSON is javaScript'

'I dont need the help menu, I just want to install an eclipse plug-in'

'we use Kanban so we dont need scheduling'

'XML is too old a technology, JASON has replaced it'

My favourite bugs

'when a facebook account is active/open you are signed out when you start skype on Mac. hmmmm'

'B.B.C home page, search for 'a', when results display click to view All result. 'Sorry, there are no results for your search.'. hmmmm'

Information age is followed by the data age

XML interest

The best document on XML The best document of XML

Java Exception

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: {classname}


java {packagename.classname}

Africa is a data void and I want to change that fact. Data will tell Africas story and my company will help tell the story.

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