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Everyone is invited to our first two training sessions of the year which also serve as our introductary/taster sessions for all the freshers/general korfball newbies out there. If you miss both but are still interested then do come along to any of our normal training session occuring at the same times throughout the term (these sessions will just be specifically targeted at Freshers)

The sessions will be at Iffley Sports Centre in the Main Hall on Sunday morning 11-12:30 and Wednesday evening 9-10:30

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Summer Tournaments

1st at Didcot Dragons' Summer Tournament
3rd at Oxford City's Summer Tournament

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Town vs Gown
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BUCS Trophy

As we approach the bicentenary anniversary of the great battle of Waterloo it was apt for the Oxford University Korfball team to pitch battle not on the luscious fields of Belgium but on the unyielding pitch of Nottingham for the infamous Trophy Tournament. Just as the name Wellington sings out today so will that of our MVP winner, the glorious Glennie Stafani in 200 years time. To the beginning! The teams prepared with high anticipation for battle with pre-tournament pasta parties across the land in Oxford and Bristol. A beast of a lasagna and some delightful phish ice cream was served to the Oxford crew, hosted by Coleine. Less than twelve hours later the car crews departed from their cities in the Ox car; Wolfie, Martin, Chandusaurus Rex, Stingray and Flamingo; and in the Bristol car, powered by Thomson the tank engine with Allyana, Sexual Healin and ALP. A mention goes out to Dino Dave who beat us all, and planted his flag in the Midlands the previous evening.

After rendezvousing in Nottingham Sport centre, the group psyched themselves up into a frenzy. This process was ably facilitated by Thomson the tank engine, who generously presented the unit with our tournament stash. Massive respect to both TTTE and her Mum for the exquisite colour combination and imagery.

Our first entanglement was with De Montford. Our Oxford team stepped onto the pitch ready for an epic thrashing. We triumphed. Goals were pleasantly sprinkled across the ranks. Next up, Edinburgh 2, a game which would turn out to define Oxford’s fate in the tournament. Just as when Napoleon launched his Grande Armée to their ferocious yet fateful charge, despite outrageous goals from Sexual Healin and TTTE, Oxford’s elite ranks were unable to blast through the defencing lines of Edinburgh 2. A major blow.

After some quick flamingo calculations, the squad were under no illusions: The next game against Leeds Becket needed to be beaten by a margin of at least three goals, since they had beaten Edinburgh 2 in their first game. We defiantly fought for the entire 30 minutes, leading at times with a two goal lead, but we couldn’t quite pull away. Although we won the match, the necessary goal difference was too meagre. We’d missed our chance at a shot at the big time, and a place in the top eight.

Our final official game for the day brought us against Soton 2. The victory was smooth and satisfying, and a cracking hat trick from Glennie Stafani sealed it. Too keen, the final unofficial korfball game of day Killer saw us kill De Montford players left right and centre. With our guys killed, (Dino Dave forgetting the ball needs to go in the korf and Allyana dispatched twice by uncharacteristic stingray shooting...) our girls were korfball assassins making it till the end.

Onto the social aspects of the tournament. This began with the Brizzle car’s departure for… hang on, wait. No this began with the Brizzle car firmly remaining where it had been parked owing to a flat battery. Fortunately support was at hand in the form of the Ox-Car. A stout vehicle equipped with a range of reignition equipment (i.e. jump leads), but lacking in expertise on how to deploy these wonderful devices.

Seeing what must have been a baffling sight of some of the country’s supposed finest minds gathered around a couple of hatchbacks scratching their heads and tapping insanely at their smart devices, an unspent resource in the form of an idle bus driver came to the squad’s rescue. Unsurprisingly enough, our hero in hi-vis knew what do to with the jumps leads, and by a miracle of physics and engineering, both vehicles were back on the road, wheels rolling, powered by a functioning engine (and battery).

Was this enough excitement? It should have been surely. Eventually all parties reconvened at the Sherwood Forest YHA for a sensational curry dinner provided by our favourite childhood character and her Bristolian minions (the coordinated kind). However, this moment came only after a shambolic adventure through the gun capital of Britain, known as Nottingham a.k.a Shott-ingham. Bow and arrows country this ain’t no more!! We may have spent some time visiting a car-park our satnav was convinced is an ASDA but the Ox-car eventually delivered the goods, booze and a cheeky desert. Once the curry was happily consumed, priorities switched to consumption of another kind. After a few games of Mafia, in which we all learnt that ALPS cannot be trusted and everyone should keep an eye on MIKE, we turned in.

We slept well, and awoke hungry for glory. The second day of the tournament awaited. A cracking breakfast and back on the road, morale booming.

Lizard then joined the party, injecting some vital added momentum (thanks Lizard for voyaging from Leeds). First match of the day was against UEA 3, and within minutes lizard sank two goals in the korf and we were on to an easy winner.

Final match of the tournament and Oxford were pit against Birmingham 3, a perfect way to end the tournament and a fitting retaliation for our kindred put to the sword by the Brummies at the Plate Tournament. We played with elegance and panache, special mention to Dino Dave for some exquisite volley ball moves on the lines, and four classic goals! After an agreeable photo shoot we commenced our goodbyes and the Ox car crew embarked homeward.

Special thanks to the Bristol crew for staying for the final to see the home team Nottingham beat our Devonshire friends Exeter to take the Trophy and our own Glennie Stafani who topped off a day of beautifully played korfball to be awarded the prestigious male MVP of the whole tournament!!! (Buuuut is his Karaoke as good as his korfball??? Find out next term folks!!)

Before we bring this report to a close, a huge thanks to Martin for his coaching throughout the season! Thanks also to everyone on the first team squad for an excellent effort all season, honouring your commitments with a fine turnout and display at all three rounds of nationals, as well as the training sessions, particularly the early Tuesday ones! Historians of future generations will examine our performance record, and will wonder what happened as they go on to analyse the subsequent triumphs that await this squad. We can afford to be similarly clairvoyant, the foundation has been laid.

BUCS Plate

Huge congrats to our wonderful second team who played BUCS Shield on Saturday – despite being one man down all day, and two down once multi-talented-Martha had to dash off to sing in her choir, the team never gave up, kept smiling all day and even presented the competition with some ‘flair’ shots. We may have come 12th out of 12 eligible teams, one ineligible team and one non-present team but we won one match and definitely would have won many more on a day with a full team. Furthermore, we showed that we brought quality rather than quantity with our own Elliot Sparling being awarded MVP for the day by the competition organisers (netting himself a classy bottle of carribean twist) and from Ally and I as well – though we gave the better ‘trophy’ of a rather large wooden hare garden ornament. We hope you like it Elliot, it was the least conveniently shaped thing we could find in the garden department of ASDA and come to think of it, it reminds us of you bounding around the korf pitch. Never change.

Firstly, we all did excellently to arrive from Cardiff bang on time and after decorating our team with blue and white ribbons, briefing Megan and Rachel on the baffling intricacies of korfball and an inspiring pep-talk from Ally we were ready to take on our first opponent: Essex.

Essex were very confused by the prospect of playing a 7 man team – even questioning the ref on whether we were allowed to. The ref and Alex Lewis kindly reassured the confused Essex Captain that it was, indeed, allowed. Gallantly, Peter stepped up to try and be two men in the one-man/two women division. With the support of Minnie and Megan we minimised Essex’s time in attack – much to their disappointment, and Peter proved once again the value of having long arms with numerous interceptions. Some excellent shooting from Elliot saw us take the lead 1-0 but after a couple of decent attacks we were down 3-1. In the dying minutes, Elliot, cheered on by his fan-club on the sideline sunk another korf to end the game 3-2. A few more minutes and we would have had them, but alas, 8 pairs of legs prevailed over 7.

Our next game was against Birmingham three and can be summarised in a sentence: They were a great team and won 10-0 (They went on to win the day…). After this, we could only go up. We took on Leeds in their revamped toothpaste themed kit and while we certainly had the best of them, some over-enthusiasm in defence meant that they scored three penalties. Peter was not going to settle for this. In the final throes he put the ball in the korf in a way never seen before – there may have been a bit of cheeky self-play, or ‘travelling’ as the ref put it, but the Sheffield korf onlookers (Devoted P.Crane Fans) were blown away by the sheer flair and skill with one calling it ‘The Korf of the Tournament’ – Congrats Peter. We would have let you have it. Despite unrivalled defending from the rest of the team with special mention to the girls: Megan, Rachel, Minnie and Martha – who did especially well defending Leeds’ girls we were unable to score enough to out-do their 3. The Bread Bin Crane put one in the korf, and another from Alex Lennox Lewis to end the match 3-2.

Manchester got the better of us in the next game (2-0) but then we were on to play Keele and on to a winner. Alex took a turn in the solo-division and made a great job of it, while Peter and Elliot, Martha and Rachel showed Keele what team-work looked like at the other end of the court. Goals from Peter (2), Elliot (2) and a textbook penalty from the Minnie Egg later we were 5-1 up and feeling pretty great about ourselves. Megan and Rachel’s korfing was coming on a treat and Keele just couldn’t match our pace, passing, or shooting. Furthermore, regular underestimation of Megan’s armspan by Keele’s girls led to a whole swathe of interceptions giving us precious time in attack.

Oxford then took on ‘Gloucester’ which, as they didn’t actually turn up to the tournament, ended up being comprised of whichever coaches/referees/spare players were free at the times of matches and fancied some korfing. Ally and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play against our own team, and given the match didn’t count anyway Oxford were allowed to recruit 2 spare players to their side allowing them to play with 8. Minnie was quoted as saying ‘It felt like there were too many players on the pitch’ after adapting wonderfully to playing in a division of three and much fun was had, flair was demonstrated, and Ally and Elliot naturally got competitive playing against each other. ‘Gloucester’ managed to maintain their unbeaten record, but Oxford put up an especially decent fight with an 8-man team!

After this, there was only Aberystwyth left to conquer, but this was one feat too many for the now 6-man Oxford team and despite a whole load of awesome play, Aberystwyth took the victory.

Overall praise to:

Megan and Rachel for a stunning korfball debut. We hope to see you korfing some more korfs next term and thanks once again for bailing us out – you were both brilliant.

Peter: for driving korfers all the way to Wales and back and still having the energy to create ‘The best korf of the day’ and earn himself an SUKC fan-club (We’ll let them know where to direct the fan-mail)

Minnie: For her rad penalty skills after modestly claiming earlier in the day that she couldn’t take penalties. We salute you Minyoung

Martha: for some of the best supporting play we’ve seen, dominating collects and setting up feeds like she was born to do it

Alex Lennox Lewis: For not failing to bring some classic Alex-Lewis-Long-Shots to the table

Elliot: MVP of the day? Need we say more? He was everywhere on the court at once, we weren’t even sure it was possible until we saw it.

Finally, to everyone, for managing to korf in possibly the coldest venue we’ve ever been to, and for keeping going with determination and team spirit right until the end!

Varsity Match

Oxford Uni 2 – Cambridge Uni 2 6:8

To everyone’s surprise, Cambridge came up with a very strong second team this year (the best second Cambridge team I’ve seen) so we found it a bit difficult although the match was pretty even most of the time. Cambridge team offered a very food defensive qualities and we found it hard to create easy chances for ourselves. The ones we had were often under a lot of pressure and Cambridge were very good at out-collecting us too with some tall girls in their ranks. We weren’t using sides and back of the court much and the ball wasn’t going in but we played really well and everyone tried really hard. It was quite unlucky that we weren’t playing 60 minute match as without the pressure of time we could get a bit more comfortable in our shots. Our traditional scorers Liz, AlexLP and Henry didn’t have enough luck this time but Connor scored a really good hat trick while offering a lot of support to other players and Mike exquisitely marked their Dutch player out of the game. I’m sure the goals that were missing in Cambridge will come in numbers in the many matches we have left this term.

Goals: Connor 3, Izzy 1, Mike, 1, Elliot 1

MVP: Connor

Oxford Uni 1 – Cambridge Uni 1 11:19

Again, we were a bit shocked by the quality their first team came up with – and they looked a real threat the entire match. It wasn’t just Olly who scored some superb goals but everyone was really sharp and sharpness is what we perhaps lacked in both attack and defence. We could do much better in defence especially in the first half (5:11) where lots of their goals came as a result of us not stopping easy feeds and reacting to their movement too late. Olly was staying mostly outside and Ally did a great job marking him but Olly did manage some brilliant goals and scored most of free passes and all penalties; Ally had a great time too scoring four goals which is amazing considering the Olly is the captain of England U19s. Wish there were much fewer assists to Olly’s goals! David’s division played well too – all players were really good but we lacked the energy and sharpness to run behind defender’s backs and causing chaos in their defensive ranks which is a must for scoring goals at this level. Overall, we had a very good game but the opponents were better this time around and we must focus on shooting, agility and continue looking at stopping feeds and getting interceptions.

Goals: Ally 4, Chandu 2, Jim 2, Helen 1, Daisy 1, David 1

MVP: Ally

Overall, we played two very strong teams which uncovered well our weaknesses but all our players played to their limit and the enthusiasm and team spirit were so much greater than Cambridge’s. This is what is going to define the rest of the season and the next one – everyone’s team spirit will keep moving us forward and if the momentum which we’ve had so far stays, we’ll be reaching even higher levels next year.

Oxford Uni Alumni – Cambridge Uni Alumni 18:11

Our Alumni team won by a considerable goal difference – well done guys and thanks for being such important part of our team this year!

Goals: Lisette 5, Sam 4, Bernie 3, Izzy 2, John 2, Amy 1, AlexL 1

MVP: Lisette

Christmas Meal
End of Season Awards
Cuppers 2014
Check out the Cherwell article written by Jacob for a funny roundup with his view of the event
OKA Plate Comp

Big thanks to all who played yesterday in the OKA Plate tournament and big congratulations as we won it!

We won all the matches and didn’t really get properly tested until the final which was really tough but we managed to beat the opponents, Southampton City, which has 3 players playing for OKA area team. They threw everything they had at us but it was enough! It’s great to add another trophy to our collection and I’m just thankful for the opportunity to coach such a great bunch!

Report from Martin
2nd Team Nationals

In the climatic event of 3 glorious weeks of korfball, Oxford University travelled many acres to Cardiff where the welsh are rumoured to play korfball with the heads of their enemies. Our chariots set out from Oxford (Bas, David, Shravan, Alex and Connor), Bristol (Alice, Ally, Alex LP, Antonia) and Swansea (Celine) and were all happily assembled by roughly 8:30.The venue made Iffley look like Donkey form Shrek next to Black Beauty. There were 3 whole courts where we could watch the beautiful game (korfball not football) and a fantastic array of characters on the day. The UEA contingent arrived complete with surround sound speaker system and tournament specific stash, and the Bedford team (going by dress and shooting style) seemed to have mistaken the day for a basketball event.

With an hour to spare before our first game Ally worked on explaining some of the more vital rules of the game to new recruit Antonia who put in a day’s performance indistinguishable from someone much more experienced. Our first match was against Nottingham and we showed all the signs of a team that could really have come out as one of the top teams on the day were it not for the unfortunate circumstances that would arise later on. The loss by one goal seemed a relatively fair result but a little more luck could definitely have swung the game in our favour against the team that eventually finished 2nd. This would turn out to be our hardest game of the day in terms of opposition, however injuries were already beginning to have an effect on the team with Bas, Alice, Connor and Alex L suffering.

Our next game saw us take on Exeter where we were well deserving of a victory but still drawing in the final minutes with the long shots just not sinking. Our last opportunity turned to disaster as Alice tumbled and badly sprained her ankle as a result as some foul play from a solidly built Exeterian. David came into his own and made up for Cardiff’s limited first aid provision, but Alice was limited to sitting down/hopping for the rest of the tournament. Valiantly, the team carried on one woman down and one noisy supporter up. Celine stepped up to show that single-handedly outdoing two players was a possible feat with top support in her division from Ally and Connor.

Sheffield Hallam didn’t know what had hit them in the next game and we sank two shots before they’d even worked out what to do with a free player. We won comfortably with awesome play all round and secured a place in the play offs for positions 5-8th. (also mention to the arrival of additional great sideline support from Dave - all the way from Swansea).

Things were beginning to get more serious than we’d bargained for and all teams were playing very competitive korfball as we were drawn against (apparently arch rivals) Lancaster. David talked team tactics and a really close match saw everyone fighting for a win, special mention going to Shrav for some incredible defence and interceptions (MVP say whaat?!). Time ticked down nervously with no team making a lead and saw the game end in draw. Sudden death penalties were called and Ally bravely stepped up to the plate to take the first for Oxford, Lancaster decided to go first and an unlucky shot from them bounced out of the Korf. With the pressure piled on Ally referred to oriental wisdom ‘Take time to think, it is the source of power’, and proceeded to score the penalty leading to some top team celebrations (We really were very happy about this - see video here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202793482391819)

This pitted us against the Bedford Basketballers in a battle for 5th/6th place. Rumour has it they were actually a basketball team who’d been told the rules on the way to Cardiff, I’ll refrain to comment as to whether this was reflected in their play. Height was definitely on their side and led to some ingenious play from Alex LP and Antonia with numerous bounce passes and even a roll of the ball along the ground. Bas had a particularly tough job marking the player who would turn out to get both male MVP for the day and top male goal scorer but stayed focussed and turned the ball over a number of times by forcing him into taking defended shots. Sadly, their height, armspan and extra players turned out to be slightly too much for us but we came away confident that with a full (non injured) team we would have given them a decent run for their money

Overall, we finished in 6th (of 18 teams on the day) which was a great result and pitted us above some other really strong teams! To celebrate, we headed out to an all-you-can-eat and started to recover the calories we’d burnt in a day of very intense korfball (and cheering on korfball, in my case), here were some more lessons we learnt from our trip/our fortune cookies:

Give someone a fish, they will eat for a day. Teach them how to fish, they will eat for a lifetime. - dedicated to Antonia and her new found proficiency in Korfball

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never know - Bas - cheers for your ibuprofen/ankle support, David for the first aid and Celine for the jumper loan to ice my ankle!

No life (korfball) is ever great until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined

Happiness (korfball) is not by chance, but by choice

The true mystery of the world is the visible not the invisible (we’re still not sure what this means)

Tournament report by Ally and Alice
1st Team Nationals

Towards the end of a beautiful Oxford day we set off in high spirits and excitement to Norwich, a city in the far east of the land and with a strong Korfball reputation. Thanks to a booking error Connie was roped into driving some of us (Thanks Connie!), with Martin driving the rest. The journey passed fairly uneventfully, but full of Korfball chat, and we arrived at our host’s very spacious student house and everyone who had been to Birmingham was loving the space we were afforded.

Having not slept the best we dragged ourselves to the amazing UEA sports complex at 8.30 and tried to mentally prepare for our first match, against our hosts UEA, who we’d found out had 6 teams and 80 registered members! During the warm-up we witnessed their fairly professional routine with music blaring, which was a little distracting in my opinion. This game was a chastening experience, with the final score being 12-0. As Sam wasn't feeling particularly well I came on for my 1st team debut and realised how good these guys were.

With an hour between games we kept our spirits up by acknowledging that the next game was the key one in the group stages and if we won that, then we could be pleased with our day. As it was, we feel foul of a Lancaster team who seemed to be able to score from anywhere, with most of our own shots hitting the rim of the korf. On another day though, those shots wouldn't go in and we could beat them (more on this later).

Cursing our ill luck we went into our last group match and played in the noisy main hall, which was quite distracting and made it virtually impossible for us to hear each other, and were beaten by Cardiff 15 – 3, again with numerous shots of ours hitting the rim.

Having finished fourth in pool A, we played the third placed team of pool B, which pitted us against Cambridge and gave us a chance to avenge the narrow varsity loss of the week before. Yet again lady luck deserted us as we had many shots that just didn’t want to go in, and we also lost David to an ankle injury after a few minutes, which ruled him out of Sunday’s matches. The one positive was Ally, who had a great game against Olly Bell, restricting him to a handful of points, which was Martin’s aim before the match, with the final score being 15-3 to our rivals.

After a deflating day we then had to wait for David and Ally to sit through the AGM, which seemed to take ages, although not as long as it must have done for Ally and David. By this time most of were starving and after spending slightly too long back at the house we drove the short distance to central Norwich sans Mike and Sam for dinner. Wagamama was our restaurant of choice, and for most of the group, Chicken Katsu curry (on Christine’s recommendation) was the dinner of choice, except for the cool kids (Izzy, Chandu and I).

Feeling extremely satisfied with our meal, we then met a few of the Cambridge team for a drink in a pub that would be well placed in Oxford with the prices they were charging, the pick being Christine paying £5.50 for a gin and tonic. Cambridge wanted to get more drinks, but having not slept well the night before and with a game at 9.15 the next morning we went back to our host’s house, where we met one of the UEA players who had just come back from the social and name-dropped some high-up coaches, which went right over our heads.

After a much better nights sleep we packed up and gave ourselves the goal of winning both matches on Sunday, the first of which, thanks to some poor tournament organisation, was against Lancaster. With Sam feeling much better we got off to the perfect start, with Sam sinking a long shot after a few seconds of the match, which pumped us up and demoralised them. Sam followed this up with another quite soon after, and Ally made it 3-0 quite quickly after the change around. Their long shots weren’t dropping like they were the day before, and this was the true difference between the two matches we played against them. We maintained a good lead for the rest of the match, winning 6-3 and avenging the defeat from the day before. After finishing behind Cardiff in the pool by three goals, Lancaster would then go on to lose their last match and finish 16th.

We had a long gap before our next match, so we went outside to enjoy the sunshine with a walk to Tesco for food. We then watched Cambridge fight back valiantly against Manchester, before seeing Southampton narrowly lose to UEA in the semi-final, which pitted UEA against Birmingham in the final.

Our final game was against St Andrew’s, and we put in as good a performance as against Lancaster and ran out 4-2 winners to come 13th overall, which was extremely satisfying after how things went on Saturday. Whilst we would have like to stay to watch our hosts in the final, we would rather have spent that time getting back to Oxford. In the glorious afternoon sunshine we headed back in as good spirits as we left, although slightly more tired than Friday, with high hopes for next year.

Tournament report by Jim
Varsity Match 2014
Match Report by Martin

Oxford Uni 1 – Cambridge Uni 1 10:11

We started full of confidence and prepared to show what we can do. Sam started in defence and our hope that Ollie Bell, captain of England U19s, would start against him came true. It was a massive match and even more massive were the fights between these two players – a real spectacle of korfball skills. In all honesty I’ve never seen a player in Oxford blue to play better korfball than Sam did yesterday – his amazing movements and mile-long shots sinking right in were just brilliant as was his defence against the best player of his generation Ollie.We created enormous number of chances and I think we were at least as good as Cambridge which, compared to the levels at which we started the season, showed how much we’ve improved and also how much better we can be next year if we continue working hard. With the score 4:6 at the half-time they extended the lead by one goal in the second half but we started pulling back – but we didn’t have enough time to sink in the last, equalising goal. Everyone really well done!

Goals: Sam 4, Chandu 3, Ally 2, Helen 1

MVP: the one awarded by Cambridge is Ally and the one awarded by me is Sam

Oxford Uni 2 – Cambridge Uni 2 16:5

We started amazingly well – the score was 5:0 after just five minutes with Bas already having a hat-trick! We played amazingly well in both defence and attack, at full speed and with the intention of giving everything. We were all so much better than them! We were cruising and they looked completely clueless. It was an exhibition in particular for David and Bas who scored 5 and 4 goals respectively. At half-time the score was 11:1 and I encouraged the girls to start scoring goals too which they then did – in fact, all our goals in the second half came from the girls. For the last 15 minutes we brought on Jess, Mikey and AlexF and they made us proud too so overall we were a different class then Cambridge Uni 2 and this is a big promise for the next year.

Goals: David 5, Bas 4, AlexL 2, Genny 2, Celine 1, Alice 1, Jess 1

MVP: the one awarded by Cambridge is Bas and the one awarded by me is David so that we can have 2 MVPs

Varsity Match 2013

University of Cambridge 7 - 8 University of Oxford

A great game this year and a nailbiting finish meant Oxford claimed the trophy for the first time since 2007! A closely matched first half was followed by Oxford pulling out to a 3 goal lead, which included a sublime running in shot from veteran Matt Moore. Cambridge fought back strongly, but at the final whistle Oxford held an all important single goal advantage.

Cambridge 2nds 6 - 5 Oxford 2nds

The Seconds team lost in agonising fashion. With a minute to play Cambridge scored a penalty to lead 6-5. Oxford rallied, winning their own penalty mere seconds later, but the ball narrowly missed the target.

University of Cambridge 7 - 8 University of Oxford

Cambridge 2nds 6 - 5 Oxford 2nds

Awards Meal 2013
Nationals 2013
Southerns 2012
Nottingham Beginners 2011
Belgium Appels 2011