Extinction Rebellion

I am active in Extinction Rebellion (XR), for the reasons that I explain in the video below.

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I've also written some lightly philosophical pieces on XR, which you can read by following the links below.

‘The Real Problem of Hypocrisy for Extinction Rebellion’

I argue that XR has good answers to accusations of hypocrisy that are frequently levelled at participants—including, most importantly, the answer that they are not being hypocritical in (say) driving to protests—but I suggest that this answer is rhetorically and psychologically ineffective for deep-seated reasons, and that this is the real problem for XR.


‘On not Blaming and Shaming Individuals’

This is a version of an address given to the Rebel Rising South East, which took place in Brighton in September 2019. It overlaps fairly extensively with the piece on hypocrisy linked above, but focuses more than that does on Extinction Rebellion’s principle of avoiding blaming and shaming.


‘In Open Rebellion’ (University of Oxford login credentials required)

I set out evidence relating to the climate and ecological crisis and the need for systemic change before responding to some reasons that academics in particular might have for being reluctant to join XR. A slightly revised version that can be read without having to log in first can be found here.