John Gardner at Home


A graduate Jurisprudence seminar, Oxford 1986. Clockwise from left: Mike Otsuka, John Gardner, Joseph Raz, John Finnis, Bryant Smith, Alon Harel; next figure unidentified; finally Martin Stone with back to camera. Photo by Fran Olsen.

With Tony Honoré, teaching a Philosophical Foundations of Tort Law seminar, Oxford 2003.

Chairing a workshop session with Alon Harel and Yossi Nehushtan, Oxford 2006.

Talking about the rule of law to the Autumn 2013 Fellows of the John Smith Trust.

Speaking at the University of Amsterdam, 2014. Photo courtesy of Amsterdam Research Institute for Legal Studies.

Lecturing on strict liability at the Catholic University of America, Washington DC 2004.

With Nicos Stavropoulos, Barcelona 2005 on the occasion of our Albert Calsamiglia Seminar at Pompeu Fabra University.

Just some of those who attended the event in 2008 to celebrate Tony Honoré's 60 continuous years of teaching for the Oxford Law Faculty.

Dinner with Giovanni Sartor, Frankfurt 2013. Photo by Mark Van Hoecke.