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OXFORD CENTRE FOR ETHICS & PHILOSOPHY OF LAW at Corpus Christi College, Merton College & University College

The Oxford Centre for Ethics & Philosophy of Law was founded in 2002 as a collaboration between the three historic " Merton Street" colleges. It exists to encourage and support advanced work in moral and legal philosophy, not only in Oxford but also nationally and internationally. The main activity of the Centre is the planning and hosting of lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences involving academic visitors to Oxford. The Centre invites its own speakers to Oxford for specific occasions, but it also facilitates academic contact with and between the many philosophers who are in Oxford at any given time under other auspices or without other affiliation.

The executive committee is pleased to receive suggestions and proposals for academic activities that might be added to its programme Modest funding may be available. We also welcome nominations for (unfunded) Fellowships and Associateships of the Centre, these titles being reserved, respectively, for philosophers visiting Oxford in an official capacity and those visiting under their own steam.

The Centre has a programme of part-funded Visiting Fellowships  in collaboration with University College. The 2013-14 Visiting Fellowships were awarded in April 2013. Interested in applying for a Visiting Fellowship for 2014-15? Look here.


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