John Gardner at Home

Senior Research Fellow at
All Souls College, Oxford

and Professor of Law and Philosophy in
The University of Oxford

New draft material

On my work in progress page you’ll find links to various recent works in draft form, including (following a number of email requests) the raw text of my 2017 talk about Eric Heinze’s book Hate Speech and Democratic Citizenship. Also a new version of the entry ‘Causation in the Law’ written for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The latter is jointly written with the great Tony Honoré – our first ever joint writing. (19.01.2018)

The zeal of our age revisited

At Jotwell, I’ve been responding to Bill Edmundson, who was kind enough to spotlight my 2014 talk on privatization. He’s given me a chance to expand on my original gnomic concluding paragraph in the light of 2016’s events. I guess on the principle that your enemies’ enemies must be your friends, I ought to be more pro-privatization by now. But that’s not actually how it works. A liberal internationalist isn’t doomed to fall in with profiteering global vampires. The freedom of corporations isn’t the freedom that counts. (05.01.2017)

Diversa Lectures in São Paulo

I’m in São Paulo this week to deliver the inaugural Diversa Lectures at the University of SP under the auspices of the Instituto Rodrigo Mendes. My topic is ‘Discrimination, Disadvantage, and Diversity’ and you can apparently watch me lecture live here. Today is lecture 2 (‘What makes discrimination bad? What makes it wrong?’) beginning at 22:00 GMT (19:00 local time). (25.10.2016)

Collected book reviews

I’m regularly surprised to find my book reviews, or some of them, among my most requested, noticed, and cited publications. What does that say about the quality of my other work? Not good news, I fear. Anyway, multiple email requests in the last few weeks for copies of certain hard-to-find or paywalled items have led me to post preprints of all my reviews stretching back to 2000, including those of Lacey’s life of Hart, Bingham on the rule of law, Sen on justice, and – strangely, most sought-after of all! – two recent books on, respectively, the law and philosophy of food. (11.08.2016)

The Twilight of Legality

was the title of my Irvine Lecture at Cornell Law School, delivered on 6 October 2015, towards the end of my wonderful spell as a Visiting Professor there. I haven’t done anything with it in the meantime, but a few people have asked for the text so now it is posted on my work in progress page. (16.05.2016)

Tony Honoré at 95

My friend Tony Honoré has just turned 95 and many friends and colleagues around the world will be pleased to hear that, in spite of some mobility problems, he’s still going strong. Some people have asked me whether our classes together will continue next year, when I move to my new job at All Souls. The answer is yes. As last year, we may need to find a location closer to Tony’s home and more accessible than All Souls. We have taught together since 1988, when he ‘retired’, and we have taught in the present format since around 1990, missing only one year. Since the mid-1990s our topic has been ‘Law and the State’ (which in practice means: political philosophy from 1945 onwards). The format is that we study just one chapter or article per week. Tony and I choose the first two. The rest are nominated by individual graduate students who also introduce them to the class. Every year, something new. Thanks to all the fantastic students who have contributed over the years! (08.04.2016)

Update: a recent photo of Tony can be viewed and downloaded here (16.05.2016)

Thirty years on

I have been elected to a Senior Research Fellowship at All Souls College in Oxford, starting 1 October 2016. That means resigning my post as Professor of Jurisprudence in the University of Oxford, which I have held since 2000. I will still be teaching and supervising research in the University, but less than now. And with a bit of luck, I’ll be writing correspondingly more. My academic career began when I was elected to an Examination (then called 'Prize') Fellowship at All Souls starting in November 1986 – yes, that’s almost thirty years ago. (28.02.2016)