John Gardner at Home

Work in progress

Here you will find drafts of work-in-progress and pre-refereed versions of completed work (also known as preprints).

This work is the author, all rights reserved. You are permitted to download and print out for personal use but not to make multiple copies or to repost online. Please do not quote from anything you find here or cite to this location.

Papers are usually removed from this page as soon as they appear in print but preprints may still be available on my publications page.

'The Evil of Privatization', unedited text of a talk on Alon Harel's book Why Law Matters (OUP 2014). Posted 10 June 2014.

'The Opposite of Rape', written for an edited collection which has since been shelved. Now homeless. The paper is a follow-up to the 1998 paper 'The Wrongness of Rape' that I co-wrote with Stephen Shute. Posted 2 February 2016.

'Reasonable Reactions to the Wrongness of Rape', a reply to bob Watt's recent critique of 'The Wrongness of Rape'. Posted 2 February 2016.