Putting a simple web page on your herald users space, using Word and Internet Explorer


First, set up your webspace

Follow the links and instructions at:



Second, create your web page

Create the document using Word. Use a sans serif font such as Arial, and Word Styles to create your headlines.


To put hyperlinks in your Word document, use the Insert feature. For example, to hyperlink to the UK parliament:

  • first find the parliament website, and copy the web address (aka url) from the browser bar
  • paste the web address into your document: http://www.parliament.uk
  • highlight the web address and either right click and choose Hyperlink, or select hyperlink from the Insert menu
  • a hyperlink ‘dialogue box’ will open: paste the web address into the address part of that box and save.
  • The url should now look like this: http://www.parliament.uk



If you want to add a picture, use Insert, then Picture, choose your picture, and insert it.

If you want your picture on one side and the text in another, you can use Table, Insert Table, and choose two columns and one row for something like this.

To remove the gridlines from around the table, right click on the table, choose Borders and Shading, and in Borders, choose None.



Save your completed web page in Word, by choosing Web Page in using Save as. Name your document index. Close the document.

Third, put your webpage onto your web space

In Windows Explorer, go to the folder where you have saved your document and copy the web page file, ready to paste into your web site. If you have included pictures, they will be saved in a folder with the same name as your document. You will have to copy and paste it into your web site as well.

In Internet Explorer, key ftp://oucsweb.ox.ac.uk into the browser. Enter your webmail username and password in the Login box. Open the public file, and paste (or drag) your document (and folder if there is one) there. The web address for your webpage will be users.ox.ac.uk/~[YOUR WEBMAIL USER NAME]/[DOCUMENT NAME]. This document is at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~lawf0112

If this fails, contact me (sandra.meredith@law.ox.ac.uk, or OUCS help (help@oucs.ox.ac.uk or phone 23700).


Good luck!


10 September 2007

This was done using Word 2003, Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP