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Spanish Entry Level Requirements

Lower Intermediate

Students can give personal information, tell the time, talk about the weather and fulfil basic tasks (transport, accommodation, food and drink, etc) in a Spanish speaking country, although with difficulty. They can use the present tense and have been introduced to the preterite (yo trabajé), the imperfect (yo trabajaba) and the future (yo trabajaré), although need revision and consolidation.


Students can understand sympathetic native speakers and are fluent enough to hold basic conversations about a limited range of topics. They can deal with everyday tasks fairly confidently and correctly. They understand written material with the help of a dictionary. They know the present tense (regular and irregular), the future, the conditional (yo trabajaría), the perfect (yo he trabajado), the preterite (regular and irregular) and the imperfect, though not totally confident about the use of the last two yet.

Upper Intermediate

Students must be able to:
Use all tenses in the Indicative, including Condicional Simple (Yo escribiría) and Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto (Yo había escrito); and Presente de Subjuntivo (Yo escriba). Understand conversations between native speakers (live, video an audio tapes) with different Spanish accents at normal speed. Read and comprehend texts and articles from main Spanish newspapers and magazines with the help of a dictionary. Write essays expressing own opinion in Spanish.


Post A level students (equivalent to at least four years Spanish). Sound knowledge of complex grammatical structures. Able to express as well as elicit ideas and opinions in the target language. Students may wish to extend their ability to speak, write, listen and read on a broad range of topics (social issues, literature, news, songs etc). Newspapers, magazines, videos and authentic materials will be used.

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