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Below are the links to the external websites. Language Centre takes no responsibility for the content of these websites.


  • CALL (computer assisted language learning) softwares held at Oxford University Language Centre Excel , Pdf (warning: some old material might not be longer compatible with our new computers)
  • Language Learning Technology Journal
  • Coursera an impressive collection of MOOCs (massive open online course) from the best universities in the world, available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, German and Italian
  • edX an impressive collection of MOOCs from the best universities in the world, including Oxford University
  • Future Learn a UK MOOCs platform from the Open University with quite free language learning courses
  • Canvas network a variety of MOOCs


All the dictionaries listed below will not have the same quality as online referential material offered by the OXLIP+ platform of Oxford University for University staff and students

  • dictionaries with some audio-files (machine generated)
  • Lexilogos a gateway in French to many dictionaries including less commonly taught languages.
  • Links to online dictionaries for multiple languages
  • Your Dictionary A gateway to general and specialist dictionaries and word lists plus grammar and morphology in a variety of languages. Includes look up in English and many other languages, translations from one language to another plus some very unusual combinations of bilingual dictionaries.


Language Exchange and Language Cards (Flashcards)

  • Oxford University Language Centre exchange available for members of the University. On display in the ground floor. If you cannot find the language you are looking for, fill up a form and give it to reception.
  • Anki language cards
  • byki language cards
  • Duolinguo learning online with others
  • language exchange (some parts of the service not free)
  • Cardkiwi language cards
  • italki language exchange
  • FairTradeLanguageSchool online courses including some less commonly spoken languages
  • Melting Point language exchange via skype
  • Memrise language cards, works also well with smart phone
  • MyHappyPlanet language exchange
  • Naboomboo a brand new language exchange site
  • Quizlet language cards
  • Seagull Tandem there are 80 topics sheets in each language, 60 covering CEFR levels A1, A2, B1, B2
  • language exchange created by an Oxford University graduate. You can also search by city.

Language Guides



Search Engines

Television & Films

  • The Library has television for the following channels: Al Jazeerah (Arabic) BBC (English) TV5, France 5/Arte (French), NDR, ZDF (German) Rai Uno (Italian) RTPI (Portuguese from Portugal) Russia24 (Russian) TVE (Spanish, Spain).
  • Films online from the Open Culture website

Translation links


  • verb conjugations in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • Verbs Online practice in verb conjugation for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English.


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