Summary of my research

My research focuses on the potential impacts of climate change on biodiversity. Climate change affects the ecosystems worldwide and Japan is no exception. For example, the flowering time of the cherry tree has advanced by four days over the last 50 years, and geographical ranges of butterflies and dragonflies have shifted northwards (JMA 2005). However, while many climate change impact studies have been carried out in Europe and United States and there have been few published assessments in Asian countries.

My D.Phil research develops bioclimatic envelope models for the Japanese plant species, project the areas potentially suitable for their distributions, and evaluate the potential impacts by 2100. It then identifies the areas of conservation priorities based on my models, such as bioclimatic refugia and areas of high species richness.

My research is supported by the Global Environmental Research (S-4), and the Oxford University Clarendon Bursary.