Linacre Conservation Competition

The Linacre Conservation Competition is a way to win prizes and save the College energy costs while competing with friends in other dormitory buildings. Every house, on or off campus, can compete.

The Competition

The Conservation Competition lasts almost the whole academic year, but is broken down into fortnightly competitions across all three terms. The dormitories compete for points, which count towards winning the yearlong competition and the fortnightly competitions. Prizes are given out every two weeks to the winners of the fortnightly competition, and the year's winners will receive a grand prize (so secret that even we don't know what it is yet!). To submit your progress and see the results from all the buildings, here.

The Pledge

During vacations, we can't run a competition between dorms, because so many people leave Oxford for the break. Whatever building had the most students travelling abroad would have the lowest energy costs. Instead, we ask you to take a pledge to make certain choices and commit to reducing energy consumption over the break. Read the list or design your own pledge here.