Linacre Conservation Competition

The Purpose

There are two main reasons we have the competition: it reduces Linacre's carbon emissions (which also saves money) and provides us with useful data on energy consumption. There is no way to tell how residents' behavior impacts energy consumption without some sort of survey. By reducing your energy use, you help reduce the college's carbon footprint, and by submitting your actions through the competition, you help us keep track of how much behavior is a factor in reducing emissions.

The Rules and Prizes

There are 6 rounds of competition, focusing on a certain set of behaviors for 2 weeks at a time. During each round, check the contest page for information on the set of actions you should focus on. Submit your behaviors once each round. The more green your activities, the more points you score. The residence hall with the most points (per capita) at the end of each two-week period wins that round, and all the associated prizes and bragging rights.

This is important: even if you don't think you've done anything green over the two weeks, check the contest form and submit it anyway. There are no negative points, and you can't hurt your building's chances of winning the round. You might even find you were doing things you didn't know were green. And no matter what, a submission is still useful info about behavior and consumption for the college. Completing the survey is useful no matter what.


How do I participate again?

Go to the contest webpage here to read up on the actions you want to take for the current round and for the reporting form. Thank you very much!

How do you use the information from the competition?

The college needs to understand how behavior affects energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We can watch the electricity and gas meters go up and down all year, but without a direct survey of residents we can't know how much is due to our behavior, and how much is due to renovations and building infrastructure. Your submissions in the competition help us do that.

You're just like Google and Facebook! Data collection is creepy!

Your submission is completely anonymous, except for which building you live in. It's also completely up to you whether you fill it out. It really helps us get grips on how we use our energy, and we're not trying to sell you advertising. Besides, it's not a faceles corporation, it's Linacre College, and me, the green student.

I haven't done anything the competition wants me to do. Should I still submit?

Yes please! Check the site anyway, since you may find some behaviors you didn't know were green. They get you points. And you can't hurt your building's chances with your submission.

I live in OC Tanner! Can we still win even with all the offices?

That's the strength of making the competition about behavior. Since your actions are about you and you alone, we can target the competition to the residents in each building, and not the office facilities of OC Tanner, or the gym in Abraham, or guests moving from building to building.

Sweet logo!

That's not a question, but thanks!