amir fruchtman

Amir Fruchtman
12/13 Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PH
Room 40.04

DPhil. student
Materials Department
Oxford University
Linacre College

Advisors: Prof. Simon Benjamin and Dr. Erik Gauger (now in Heriot-Watt)

Qunat group

DPhil title: Theory and modelling of energy transport in quantum nanostructures


  • Photocell Optimization Using Dark State Protection [link]
    A. Fruchtman, R. G. Bombarelli, B. W. Lovett, and E. M. Gauger, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117 203603 (2016)
  • When do perturbative approaches accurately capture the dynamics of complex quantum systems? [link]
    A. Fruchtman, N. Lambert, and E. M. Gauger, Scientific Reports 6 28204 (2016)
  • Quantum dynamics in a tiered non-Markovian environment [link]
    A. Fruchtman, B. W. Lovett, S. C. Benjamin, and E. M. Gauger, New J. Phys. 17 023063 (2015)
  • Single vortex fluctuations in a superconducting chip as generating dephasing and spin flips in cold atom traps  [link]
    A. Fruchtman and B. Horovitz, EPL 99 53002 (2012)

Previous Education

MSc in physics from Ben Gurion University, MSc title: Spin flip rate and heating of cold atoms trapped by a superconductor chip with a single vortex

BSc in physics from Ben Gurion University