Sebald Verkuijl

Personal photo - Sebald Verkuijl

Sebald Verkuijl

Doctoral Student at the Doctoral Training Centre

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


  • B.Sc. Biology / University of Groningen
  • M.Sc. Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation / University of Groningen


  • Interested in genetic engineering, synthetic biology, gene drives, CRISPR and other DNA targeting platforms.
  • Research

    Time table

  • 1st 12-week short project in the Mathematical Ecology Research Group (MERG)
  • 2nd 12-week short project to be determined
  • DPhil research project to be determined


    Verkuijl, S.A.N. and Rots, M.G., 2019. The influence of eukaryotic chromatin state on CRISPR–Cas9 editing efficiencies. Current opinion in biotechnology, 55, pp.68-73.