Brendan Largey

Personal photo - Brendan Largey

Brendan Largey

Doctoral Student at the

Rex Richards Building, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU


University of Edinburgh, 2014-2018
  • BSc Biological Sciences (hons Biotechnology)


      My academic background and interests are largely in biotechnology and synthetic biology. I am particularly interested in de novo DNA and RNA synthesis and DNA based technologies, metabolic engineering, and green biotechnology — all of which I will be able to explore in my upcoming rotational projects. In addition to these, I am also interested in gene regulation, epigenetics, and cell-free biotechnology.
      Outside of academics, I really enjoy conservation work and look forward to getting more involved with volunteering groups around Oxford. In my spare time I also enjoy baking, music, and dancing as hobbies.


Upcoming Rotation Projects:
  • Tom Brown Lab, Department of Chemistry
  • Steve Kelley Lab, Department of Plant Sciences
Previous Research Projects:
  • Sara Buonomo Lab, University of Edinburgh (2018)
    • Undegraduate dissertation on the role of nuclear architecture protein Rif1 on X-chromosome transcriptional innactivation in mice.
  • Chris French Lab, University of Edinburgh (2017)
    • Summer internship investigating the feasability of a novel codon-by-codon DNA synthesis method, assisting lab members with their projects on diffuse-cell logic gate schemes and cell-free arsenic biosensors.
  • Edinburgh UG iGEM (2016)
    • Competed in an international synthetic biology competition in an 8 member self-led student team. Our project was a modular approach to storing data in DNA by assembling short pre-named duplexes into longer strings.


2017: Speaker at 3rd Annual IBioIC Conference, Glasgow


Millacura F.A, Largey B, French C, (2018) "Biologic, a parallel approach to cell-based logic gates," bioRxiv