DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford

Thesis Title: "'Easy Moveables': Life-Writing, the Thief, and the Circulation of Objects in Eigtheenth-Century Britain"

About me:

I received my MA in English Literature and MA in General History from the University of Geneva in 2011 and am now working on my doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford. While my English master thesis investigated aspects of female transvestism in eighteenth-century literature, my current work explores representations of thieves and highwaymen, such as Dick Turpin, Jack Sheppard or Jonathan Wild, in early eighteenth-century criminal life-writing through their relationship with portable objects and belongings. I am particularly interested in thing theory, material culture (especially clothing and accessories), issues of gender, and popular portrayals of theft and criminals.

Conference and seminar papers:


Camille Pidoux

Lincoln College, Turl Street

Oxford, OX1 3DR