Visit Reports

1976-10-18 1) Attend ICL IDMS User Group Meeting; 2)Discuss data management facilities on 2900 and exchange experience. Edinburgh Regional Computing Centre Page image
1977-01 [IUCC Symposium] [University of Warwick] Page image
1977-02-02 ICL IDMS USER GROUP Ministry of Ag Fish & Food Page image
1977-03-14 2900 Applications committee DMUS Seminar Page image
1977-08-05 4th International Summer School in Computational & Mathematical Linguistics (sponsored by CNUCE & IBM Italia) Pisa Page image
1977-12-17 International Annual General Meeting of ALLC Laboratoire d'Analye Statistique des Langues Anciennes, University of Liege, Belgium Page image
1978-10-27 IDMS User Group Executive Meeting BBC Page image
1978-11-09 "Technical Briefing on 2900 VME/B Data Management Products" ICL Beaumont Page image
1978-11-23 ICL IDMS User Group Meeting Polytechnic of Central London Page image
1978-12-15 International Meeting/AGM of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing Kings College, London Page image
1979-03-19 ICL DMUG/ End User Facilities Sub Group (79) Second Meeting ICL Computer House Page image
1979-04-12 ICL/DMUG End User Facilities Sub Group (79) 3rd Meeting ICL Computer House Page image
1979-05-18 IDMS DMUG EUFSG(79) 4th Meeting ICL Euston Page image
1979-06-21 ICL DMUG EUFSG(79) no. 5 ICL Computer House Euston Page image
1979-06-28 ICL DMUG 2900 IDMS Subgroup no 2 Post Office Data Processing HQ, Somewhere-in-London Page image
1979-10-23 ICL DMUG IDMS Subgroup West Midlands Gas Page image
1979-11-21 ICL.DMUG.IDMS User Group Meeting ICL Euston Page image
1980-02-18 ICL IDMS User Group M.O.D. Bureau West, Somewhere-in-Wiltshire Page image
1980-03-28 ALLC 6th International Symposium on Computers in Literary and Linguistic Research Newnham College, Cambridge Page image
1980-04-21 ICL.IDMS User Group Meeting Post Office DPE , London Page image
1980-06-14 ALLC Working party on Networks and Databases Kings College, London Page image
1980-06-16 Klett, Stuttgart Page image
1980-11-14 RNIB, London Page image
1980-11-19 Data Management: an ICL User Group Conference Cavendish Hotel,Eastbourne. Page image
1980-12-11 ALLG International Meeting and AGM University of Copenhagen Page image
1981-02-09 PDS Demonstration ICL UK Systems Centre, Putney Page image
1981-04-10 ICL.DMUG.2900 IDMS User Group Meeting 10Ipril81 West Midlands Gas (Solihull) Page image
1981-07-10 Workshop on Databases in the Social Sciences University College Cardiff Page image
1981-07-13 British National Conference on Databases Jesus College, Cambridge Page image
1982-04-06 ICL CUA Presentation on CAFS-ISP Strand Palace Hotel Page image
1982-05-18 Information Dimensions User Group Meeting Hotel Intercontinental (London)
1982-05-28 (a) International Word Processing Exhibition, Wembley (b) SSRC Workshop on 1851 Census London Page image
1982-09-16 Codasyl/BCS DBAWG The Burn Page image
1982-11-18 BCS/CODASYL DBAWG ICL Bracknell Page image
1982-11-26 ICL Euston Page image
1982-11-29 BCS information Retrieval Specialist Group Seminar on Integrated Text and Data Management Systems. BP Britannia House. Page image
1983-01-22 Famulus meeting UMRCC Page image
1983-02 IUSC Working Party on Development of Famulus U.M.R.C.C. Page image
1983-06-22 IUSC Famulus Working Party UMRCC Page image
1983-07-26 IUSC Workshop on Non-Numeric Computing Page image
1983-09-01 BCS/Codasyl DBAWG The Burn, Glenesk Page image
1983-11-30 ICLCUA CAPS SIG Open Meeting Strand Palace Hotel, London Page image
1984-01-03 IUSC Workshop ON 3-4 Jan 1984 University of Surrey Page image
1984-01-19 BCS Codasyl DBAWG Sperry House, Stonebridge Park, London Page image
1984-07-11 BNCOD 3 also present: P Salotti Leeds Polytechnic July 11-13 1984 Page image
1984-09-06 BCS/Codasyl DBAWG The Burn, Glenesk Page image
1984-11-09 CUA CAFS SIG WP CEGB Stockport Page image
1985-04-02 Workshop on Computers and Art History L. Burnard University College London Page image
1985-06-13 ICL DMUG/LSUG Page image
1985-07-14 International Workshop on the Creation Linkage and Usage of large-scale interdisciplinary sourcebanks in the historical disciplines Max-Planck-Institut fur Geschichte, Gottingen Page image
1985-08-01 CAPS SIG WP LBurnard ICL Slough Page image
1985-09-13 Databases tor the Theatre City University Page image
1985-10-10 Presentation of the Queens Award for Industry to ICL ICL (West Gorton)
1985-10-15 For INDEPOL Launch Hotel Metropole, London Page image
1985-10-24 (a) CINECA, Bologna and (b) Inst. Linguistica Computazionale, Pisa
1985-11-9 [Bodleian Curators Meeting; Belinda's Birthday] Oxford
1986-04-02 Association for Lit & Ling Computing xiii internationalsymposium UEA, Norwich Page image
1986-11-07 Conference on New Oxford English Dictionary Universities of Toronto and Waterloo
1986-11-27 Second annual CHArt Conference National Gallery, London Page image
1986-12-05 Seminar on DM/BASIS Batelle Software Page image
1987-02-17 The Sequent Lectures Novotel, Hammersmith Page image
1987-03-13 IUSC Working Party on Free Text Retrieval Leeds Page image
1987-03-20 History and Computing - 2nd Annual conference Westfield College Page image
1987-03-26 Memex Information Engines Ltd East Kilbride Page image
1987-04-10 Computers and Teaching in the Humanities Southampton University Page image
1988-09-07 Report on the Cologne Computer Conference Koln
1988-10-25 ESRC Seminar Series on Cataloguing Computer Files International Student House (London)
1988-12-02 SGML Users Group BSI London
1989-05-18 SGML Database SIG Meeting Samson-Sitjthoff BV, Alphen an der Rijn
1989-07-18 Information Technology and the Research Process. Cranfield Institute of Technology
1991-04-16 Eurotra Workshop Luxembourg
1991-05-06 ICAME Conference Report Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, Yorks
1991-05-16 SGML Update: consultancy, tools, courses' Amsterdam
1991-06-11 Social History: the challenge of Technology University of Essex
1992-09-12 AIS/Berger-Levrault, Paris
1993-01-09 SALT Club meeting [London]
1993-10-18 NSC93: Network Services Conference Warsaw
1993-10-26 EAGLES meeting Paris
1993-11-21 TEI-WWW workshop University of Cork
1994-11-14 Conference on Encoding and Corpora University of Oslo
1995-01-19 UK TeX User Group: "Portable documents: Acrobat, SGML and TeX" Bridewell Theatre, London
1995-03-05 [Memoria project meeting etc.] Institute for Computational Linguistics, Pisa
1995-11-26 Surfnet TEI Workshop University of Groningen
1996-05-23 Goteborg, Bergen, and Innsbruck
1996-05-30 SGML Europe 1996 Conference Munich
1996-09-02 Algebraic Document Processing: Project DAVID workshop University of Minho, Braga
1996-09-12 Colloqium on Hypertexts and Electronic Editing École Normale Superieure, Paris
1996-10-31 Belux96 Business Faculty, Brussells
1996-11-02 Conference on MS encoding Studley Priory
1997-01-12 Trip Reports from various places in the USA (12-20 Jan 1997) [Eastern Michigan Uni; UM Ann Arbor; Indiana U; Berkeley]
1997-04-12 PALC97: Practical Applications of Language Corpora University of Lódz
1997-04-16 TEI Workshop SSLMIT Forlì
1998-02-20 Language Learning and Computers Chemnitz University of Technology, 20-23 Feb
1998-05-20 ICAME 19 Slieve Donard Hotel, Newcastle, Co. Down.
1999-01-18 The 1999 EBTI, ECAI, SEER and PNC Joint Meeting Academia Sinica, Taipei
1999-04-30 XML Europe 99 Granada
2002-04-02 ALLC Roadmap Meeting Pisa
2004-08-08 Extreme Markup Languages 2004 Montreal
2005-10-20 Rencontres TEI francophones ATILF, Nancy

Quarterly/Monthly Reports