27 October 78

IDMS User Group Executive Meeting

This was the first meeting of the new executive committee of the ICL IDMS User Group. I have represented Oxford at this group sporadically since it was set up in 1977, and was recently elected Chairman of the Fortran User's Subgroup, which qualifies me to sit on the Executive,ta ran ta ra.

The main business of the meeting was to re-define the structure of the group and aportion responsibilities for that new structure. It was decided that the group's name should be changed to 'Data Management' group, reflecting the wider interests of the majority of the group and also providing a better interface to ICL: the group could function better as a pressure group if it covered a range of ICL products.

At the end of the meeting, four sub-groups were defined: TP (chairman John Ladley, M.O.D.) to deal with all aspects of data management in a TP environment, particularily with respect to recovery; DDS (chairman P.M.Shearer, West Midlands Gas) to deal with all aspects of Data Dictionary System and allied products; IDMS DDL (chairman Geoff Baker, Consultant CACI) to deal with DDL aspects of IDMS, i.e. the in-line software; IDMS DML (chairman Me) to deal with DML aspects of IDMS, i.e. the programmer interface, from all Host languages. The four chairman, together with a chairman (John Dicker,BBC), treasurer and 1900 Representative constitute the Executive.

Terms of reference for all 4 subgroups were discussed. They are to be submitted to the main user group for ratification, as are the proposed changes in the group's structure.

Application for affiliation with the group from the South African IDMS User's Group was believed to be imminent.- The executive voted to reject the application 3 to 1; fortunately no application had in fact been received.

A discussion of the group's relationship with the 2900 User Group established that there was little commonality, and hence, little conflict, of interest between the two bodies: ICL however required that members of working parties set up by the Data Management group (to which confidential information might be made available) should also be members of the 2900 User Group.