ICL Beaumont

9 November 78

"Technical Briefing on 2900 VME/B Data Management Products"

The purpose of the meeting, organised by ICL, was to give a fairly comprehensive and technical presentation of the new range of data-management products now on release, in particular of IDMSX (the souped-up version of IDMS with extra bells and whistles, at no decrease in performance) and DDS. In order to add extra facilities without degrading the performance, a substantial re-write of the base code has been done, which resulted in a performance improvement of 10%. Adding the extra facilities reduces this improvement to 7%, it was claimed.

A nifty plastic binder with lots of technical details, and a summary of the presentations was handed out, and is available for inspection in my office.

I found the meeting useful, because many of the extra facilities in IDMSX solve usability problems IDMS users are experiencing now, e.g. the provision of record type indexes and of set pointer arrays. It was also a very valuable opportunity to meet the people who are developing the product and to discuss their future plans on an informal basis.