ICL IDMS User Group Meeting

Polytechnic of Central London

23 Nov 78

This was the first meeting of the main group since I joined its executive. About 50 to 60 people were present, representing some forty different organisations, the large majority being commercial or government installations. The minutes, including a list of attendees, will be available when I get my copy.

The main business of the meeting was to discuss the proposed changes in the Group's structure and the change in its name. It was agreed that the group should now be known as the Data Management User Group or DMUG. I gave a (necessarily) brief outline of the activities of the Fortran sub group, and was subsequently approached by two possible future users of the Fortran inter face (bnoc and WHSmith).

In the afternoon, Geoffrey Baker, a consultant for a firm called CACI, gave a brief outline of a system he had developed for the NERC's Marine Agency, for collecting and storing scientific data about the sea. The novel feature of the data scheme was that descriptive elements were included in the database, giving unusual flexibility. The system was, effectively, a combined data dictionary and network database. Such a system might well be of use to some of our users.