Post Office Data Processing HQ, Somewhere-in-London

28 June 79

ICL DMUG 2900 IDMS Subgroup no 2

This subgroup was reformed in May to take over outstanding work from earlier groups of the old IDMS User Group, and to investigate the facilities currently available with 2900 IDMS/X, to report on short­comings and press ICL for enhancements. Oraganisations represented include BBC, BR, BNOC, MOD, Racal, W.M.Gas, Sainsburys, Post Office, QMC and various local authorities. It is also a good place to trade experience, horror stories &c, and a pressure group to which ICL is unusually responsive. The only IDMS facilitiy not included in the group's terms of reference is the Fortran Interface, largely because the FISS subgroup got going before this group was formed. I proposed to disband the FISS group (current membership 3½) not only for the obvious reasons of convenience, but also to ensure that Fortran & Cobol DHL facilities would not diverge any further than they already show signs of doing. Subject to agreement of the other 2½ members of the FISS subgroup, the IDMS group agreed to include the Fortran Interface in its list of concerns. About ten reports on various IDMS facilities & products are to be tabled, about half of which were discussed at this meeting. I have copies of papers presented, which include: descriptions of the facilities of IDMSX, Restructure, Reorganise, TP, Recovery, Statistics; possible areas for improvement, etc. Some of these are due to be re-drafted; papers yet to be presented include accounts of FAME, Data Display, Database Load & Integrity Checker. BR and Post Office also reported on some performance problems in IDMSX. The next meeting will be at Oxford, and further reports will be presented.