West Midlands Gas


23 Oct 79

This group continues the task of reviewing the entire range of IDMS-centred software on 2900 systems, aiming to prepare a report by the end of the year. Each product is briefly described, any problems in its operability/ performance/usability outlined and a list of required enhancements drawn up, usually after much discussion within the group. The group's report will be ready in time to affect ICL's plans for IDMS 300. The main bodies represented at the group are: BBC, BNOC, BOG, CAA, MOD, Post Office, WMG, RACAL. Universities are unusually heavily represented on this subgroup: in addition to myself, the secretary is from QMC and there is usually a representative from ERCC.

At this meeting, reports were presented on the IDMS base product, Pfix, Database Load, Data Display, Recovery, IDMSK facilities and on the Fortran Interface. I also got the opportunity to report a new bug in the Fortran interface and to pick up news of a new facility in Data Display.