ICL Euston

ICL.DMUG.IDMS User Group Meeting

21 November

L. Burnard

This meeting was essentially a mopping-up operation. All twelve papers (bar one or two) are in their last or last but one draft. The chief area as yet unresolved is that of statistics: some discussion on how population stats and performance-monitoring stats could be collected and used to improve performance and diagnose needs for restructuring lead to some firm suggestions.

An interesting document was circulated on the subject of security of IDMS databases: it proposed that (after 5X32) IDMS inline code should be made to run at ACR9, thus preventing unauthorised access completely.

I have two sections of the report to revise; at the next meeting (December) all the sections will be collected and collated. ICL are to give a presentation on the next generation of IDMS (200); it should be the same as the one they recently tried to charge £250 for but is free