L. Burnard

M.O.D. Bureau West, Somewhere-in-Wiltshire

ICL IDMS User Group

18 Feb 80

Security at Bureau West was 'Condition Black' for this meeting, so I am allowed to divulge the following: there were several new attendees

from organisations as disparate as Western Gas and RACAL Management Services; ICL gave a long and minutely detailed presentation on techniques of IDMS sizing, including details of useful publications available only from project teams; no response was available from ICL on the subgroup's report (presented at last meeting) but was promised for the next. In a more informal context, I received advance documentation of a new 'user friendly' relational system from Edinburgh (called ENUF), good advice on making one of the current IDMS applications here more secure, and interesting gossip on what Oxfordshire County Council are up to. (implementing an IDMS-based Local Authority Financial Information System jointly with Doncaster and ICL)